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About The Forum

Finding Inspiration in Each Other

This is a place where you can freely explore your own relationship to mental illness, your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the world. Let yourself move through the conversations with an understanding that we are here to help and inspire each other. Going further, if you need help with anything in relation to mental illness, feel free to reach out and ask.

This is a place where we can truly support each other on our journey. Within this forum is a safe haven, where you can seek to guide others, or come to terms and understand your own innate gifts and abilities.

This is a place where we help and support each other in our journey towards mental health.

Forum Rules

We are here to help explore and inspire each other in terms of what mental illness is. Because this is a sensitive topic for many people, we promote healthy conversations that are positive and honour that people on this forum may be going through fragile states. If your intention here is to seek help, understanding and inspiration for yourself and others, you are welcome here.

If an issue comes up, we will explore solutions through the Triangular Code of Honesty, Awareness and Responsibility.

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