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Welcome To Healing With Oneness!

We are here to help those who are going through mental illness. With a firm footing on what works to help us to heal, and what we can do to move forward in our lives with a greater degree of wholeness, we are here to share our knowledge so that we can help each other to live the life of our dreams!

If you find you need support with what you are going through, or if you are helping a friend or family member, we are here to help!

There is a vast depth to what one can consider mental illness, and we are here to address what that is; and to explore that with you as you journey with us.

Please feel free to get on the forum if you want to reach out, and we will have monthly blogs on topics that relate to mental illness. If you are in a crisis please go to the 'Emergency Help and Warning' section of the site, which is here.

We look forward to enjoying this journey with you,

Adam Bushelle

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