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The spirit is who we truly are. We find grander experiences in spirit than with our mind and body. It is when our body, mind and spirit are functioning together that we find we can create great experiences for ourselves. Just as we can work with the body, and the mind, we can also work with our spirit, to find greater healing and wholeness, and possibly even, oneness.


Understanding Chakras In Healing


Our Internal Energy System

Our chakras are our internal energy system for our mind and body, they are the pathway towards an inner wellness that can only be achieved when all the chakras are in free-flow.


Feel & Move

The word “chakra” literally means “wheel” in ancient Sanskrit, and you can actually see or feel these seven energy centres in your self when you place your focus upon one or more of your chakras.

Each chakra has a function and purpose in our lives, and a healthy chakra system can lead to greater balance within.


Free Flow

And that is the practice here, to simply place your focus upon a specific chakra and ‘see,’ and feel it move. As you have a focus upon a specific chakra it will begin “movement” on that level of your being.


The main practice here is to simply focus upon one of your chakras until it begins to move, or spin.

Congratulations on taking the tenth step on your journey to healing with oneness. Start to observe how much better you feel nourishing your body with a greater understanding of your chakras. All you have to do is focus on a specific chakra and it will start to move and spin, thus giving you a greater access to your spirit.


We Are All One


A State of Oneness

In our separation mindset we are flawed into thinking that we are in division in life. We are all one, and being able to come to the truth of the unity of life can help us to feel whole, and to come into a state of wholeness, and oneness.


Our Fragmented Self

We can feel fragmented within, and we can also feel separate from our outer life. And the basic practice in order to come back to the truth of the oneness of life can be a deeply healing attainment of our true unity with life.


Connecting to Outer World

The practice I use here is to assume oneness. If you can begin to assume your oneness with your outer world, if you are able to assume that you are one with the objects and people in your life, you will move into a deeper sense of oneness with your outer world.


You Are All Within

You can also assume oneness within, by going within and seeing everything that is within you as the oneness you are.

In attaining oneness both within and without, we can heal the division in our thinking, in our separation mindset, and we come into more wholeness.


Oneness With People

As we attain our oneness with all that is within and without in our lives, we will come to being in a state of oneness with the people in our lives.

Simply seeing yourself as another, and seeing yourself in another, can have great benefits. It is when we see who we are as who someone else is,  we are seeing the true oneness of life in ourselves and in another.


See Yourself As One

Next time you are in the presence of someone, see your oneness with them.

As you see that we are all one being called Life you will come to being able to have more beautiful experiences, as you will be seeing yourself and each other from a new perspective, one that is unified and whole.

Congratulations on taking the eleventh step on your journey to healing with oneness. As you start to see yourself and all others, and all things as this one being we call Life, you will come into a greater experience of wholeness within. Being in a state of oneness will also help you psychologically, on the level of the mind, and the body too. Being one with Life will bring you closer to true spirit.



Being Fully Awake


Looking For Wholeness

Exploring our inner world can lead to more wholeness. By going within we can see what is there, and explore what is there too.

Be mindful of where you are in terms of wholeness, and where you can do more healing to move towards more wholeness.



Embracing the Experiences of Life

There are many aspects to who we are as conscious living beings. We have depth, breadth, dark, light, the way we relate to ourselves, and the way we relate to others; the way we relate to situations and to circumstances and experiences.

As we raise our awareness, we will be able to explore more of who we are.


Clearer Choices

The more we are aware of ourselves, and the more we have an awareness of who we are, the more choice we have in our life.

Greater awareness leads to greater options in life, and bringing in awareness to who you are will have greater opportunities open up for you.


Everyday Is An Evolution

We are also creating ourselves each and every day, and it is great to be mindful of this too.

Going within and exploring who is there, and also creating your external world through your thoughts, words and actions is something to be mindful of.


Becoming More Aware

Bringing in more self awareness can be as simple as consciously noticing aspects of who you are, what is going on for others, or simply about life.

Creating self awareness through conscious noticing will help to create a greater momentum for you to begin to see greater aspects of life.

Congratulations on taking the twelfth step on your journey to healing with oneness. By using your self awareness to expand you will find greater vistas opening for you within, and your relationships with people will also expand and include a greater array of experiences.


Finding Your Path


Become An Explorer

Being in touch with your purpose for being alive is a fundamental aspect of creating a great life.

When you have a purpose it helps you to move forward, and create your dream.

It also helps with the healing process, as you have something to live for, you have a path, and the healing process will assist in accomplishing that dream.



Who Do You Want To Be?

There may be something that you have always wanted to be in your life. This may be the very reason you want to heal and be whole, so you may be what you have always wanted to be in your life.

Choosing to do this healing work will help you to become more whole, and thus help you to live a greater life.


Find Your Focus

There is definitely room for the search to who you have always wanted to be, and if you know what that is then that will help you stay focused and motivated with the intention to move towards wholeness.

Considering you know who you want to be will help you move forward. If you are not yet sure of what that is, get in touch with that; be in touch with your grandest dreams and move towards that in your life.


Find Your Power

Getting clear on your purpose will give you more enthusiasm and keep you on the path towards healing and wholeness.


This is something you may be new to, or it may be something that you have always known. Getting in touch with your purpose will help to guide the way through your healing journey.

Stay strong and focused on your dreams, they are what you are searching for, and the reason for your healing will be relevant.


Becoming More Purposeful

Moving in alignment with your purpose will have you more determined to succeed in life, and the way we are able to use the healing practices here are to be able to assist you in your purpose.

Healing can help you with your dreams and with your purpose, and with a greater wholeness in your being, you will be able to live your wildest dreams, and be on purpose in your life, and thus attaining why you are here.

Congratulations on taking the thirteenth step on your journey to healing with oneness. Focus on what you want to create in your life, and set goals and plan. There is a reason you are here, and to fulfill that dream is why you are here. Be on purpose in your life, and it will assist you in your healing; giving you more courage and determination to succeed.



There are so many practices that we can use to help us to heal from mental illness.

If we can focus on the three foundations of Body, Mind and Spirit, we will find that we move towards the appropriate healing practice for any situation.

I am here to assist you if you need help with your healing. Please feel free to contact me for support, or if you want to you can join the forum and we can have a group chat.

If you would like a more in-depth look at how you can heal, and the practices you can do to move beyond mental illness into mental wellness, check out my book, 'Medicine For The Soul.'

You can find that here.


For more ideas on how you can heal, you can also consider these practices:

  1. Meditation - There are so many different kinds of meditation, one simple one is to sit or lay down and focus on the breath.

  2. Feng Shui - Using arrangement of your house to bring in order and good flow.

  3. Art and Music Therapy - A way to express ourselves that can help move the energy out of us as it is being expressed in a way beyond words.

  4. Friends and Family - If you need to reach out to someone, be courageous, be willing to talk to your friends and family about what you are going through. If you need someone to talk to, don't be afraid. Speaking to someone you trust about what you are going through can help ease the challenge, and can bring in more integrity between yourself and your friends and family.

Thankyou for taking the fourteenth and final step on your journey to healing with oneness. It can be challenging to heal, and remember you have a support here. There is a lot more to discover about mental illness and I look forward to being on this journey with you!

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