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Caring is something that I have only recently understood. For a very long time I didn’t care. I didn’t care what people thought of me, I didn’t care what I did with drugs and food. I didn’t care about the people in my life. And then, a few weeks ago, I realised that I can care very deeply about the people in my life, and also about myself and my life.

This came about in a moment of deep understanding, and I realised that it’s okay to care. It’s not scary, it’s not going to take anything away form me, it’s actually helping me to be more involved in my own life and with what I am doing with my life, and also the people that I share my life with.

I didn’t care in the past, and I was afraid to care. I thought I would lose something from caring about life, and it is actually the opposite, caring brings about a greater fullness and richness to life.

I think that I cared about myself enough to begin the healing journey that I have been on for the last 10 years, though this new realisation has helped me truly come to a deeper and more beautiful relationship with Life itself.

I feel more committed to the projects I am working on. I know that it’s okay to care about the people in my life, even people I don’t know or are only just meeting for the first time. It’s okay to care, and it feels good too!

I think that a lot of people who are doing drugs, and who are not committed to being healthy in mind, body or spirit have a lack of caring. And this may come from what they have been through in their life. Sometimes bullying, or trauma, or going through a string of negative experiences can have us decide not to care. If we don’t care, we are not responsible, and we don’t need to change.

If we care, we are at the pinnacle of opportunity. Because we care, we can choose another path. Though this requires responsibility, and that we will have to give up our addictions to move forward, to move away from the suffering to finding peace. This can sometimes be hard for people.

I’ve heard it said that if you smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol, you have no will to live. And this may be true. I certainly know from experience that the decision to stop doing drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol was the decision to choose Life, not death.

This choice to care means that you will seek out that which helps you to move towards what you truly want in life. And giving up substance abuse is certainly choosing Life. It’s that decision that will change the momentum and trajectory of your life. Choosing to care will really make you think about what it is that you are doing each day, and it will open the way for you to change.

I suggest getting in touch with how much you truly care about yourself, and the people in your life. Can you feel it at a heart level? Does the choice to care touch your heart? Does it touch your soul? Can you care so much about life that you feel it deeply within?

Sit down and think about this. Take some time to see how much you truly care, and if something comes up from that, maybe you can write it down, or make a plan to change things. You may get a hit of inspiration to change something in your life. Follow that.

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