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Comfort and Safety

It is important that we feel safe, and to also give ourselves time to feel comforted.

When we have been through trauma, that trauma that we have been through can make an ‘imprint’ on our psyche, and can have us in a state of living with that imprinted trauma on a physiological level.

This is where the healing and release of imprinted trauma comes in with the feeling through of emotions, and also the feeling through on a visceral level, of the imprinted trauma.

It requires you to go within and sift through; to touch upon where that trauma is within us, and to release it through an emotional release, or through a coming to terms with what happened to us in the past, and giving ourselves the allowance to feel through the trauma until it is resolved within.

When we can work through and release those past traumas, we will feel a sense of safety in the moment. Feelings of being unsafe in the present, when there are no dangers in the situation can usually mean that there is an imprinted trauma that is in your physiology.

Being able to go deeply within to touch upon that trauma so it can be released can be something that you can do by yourself if you feel you have the potential and courage to face it and the confidence that you can do it with your own guidance, though it can also be something that you can work on with a professional counsellor or psychologist, if that is what you prefer.

Being able to guide yourself through a healing process requires you trust yourself, and that you have the initiative to be with yourself in a way that accepts the situation, and also that you can work through it without getting into a crisis situation. Though if you don’t feel confidant doing something like that, there are always avenues and pathways you can use, such as being with someone you trust when working through any kind of healing process.

When we feel safe within, we can more easily be in a state of comfort.

We can also set up space and time for ourselves to self-comfort. Maybe have some music playing, and sit or lay down and give yourself that time with yourself, to bring in the nurturing of yourself through the process of feeling comforted.

Make sure you are comfortable, and embrace yourself.

Self-comforting can help to balance the process of going out into the world and being in situations that are more adventurous.

It’s been said that “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

If we can balance that outgoingness with the more introverted state of self-comforting, we will find that we are more vigorous in our exploration and adventures in life, and we can also become more intimate with ourselves through the process of self-comforting.

Giving yourself space for both aspects will bring more reservation of energy, and also the fun of exploring your life.

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