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We have looked at Depression, and how to move through that in a recent blog.

Looking at grief, we can see that the same practice applies, as with all the emotions, to be able to feel through them will have them released, and expressed. And in this, we will become more whole, and more mentally healthy.

Emotions have a very relevant impact on our mental health. If you have a repressed emotional state, it is a very good idea to be courageous, and be persistent in feeling through the emotions that are in your physiology.

Grief is the emotion that helps you to let go. It is when you can express your grief that you are able to have that emotional release, and be able to let it go.

If we have been told throughout our youth to repress our grief, to hold it in, to not express it, we will have trouble as adults to be able to handle and express our grief.

The solution to this is to consciously feel through the emotion. The more you are able to feel comfortable and okay with expressing your grief, the more you are able to cry without any judgment of yourself, or any type of repressing or not being okay with expressing your grief.

We must consciously create a space for ourselves to feel through the emotion.

It is best to get the mind out of this, and simply let it all go.

Be able to notice when tears are swelling up, and get in touch with those tears, and what they are all about. Be able to see why you are crying, and really let the expression be. Be in a state of emotional expression without any form of repression, move through the tears and let yourself express as much as you can. The more you can reach into the grief and have it expressed, the greater you will be able to release the grief, and you will come into having that emotion let go from your system, and you will be able to feel happier.

Have you ever noticed that you start laughing after a good cry?

It is because you have expressed the low of the grief that was in your system, and you are now feeling the happiness that is your natural state.

And once the emotion has been expressed, it is out of your system for good.

The reason we will want to be expressing our emotions is to move towards more wholeness, and being able to release emotion is a vital part of the healing journey.

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