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Healing The Chakras

The chakras are our in-body energy system, consisting of 7 centers that relate to specific aspects of ourselves and our lives.

The way to heal your chakras is to place your focus on one of the 7 chakras and feel it start to move and vibrate. This will cause the blockages and unhealed parts of the chakra you focus on, to begin to move and flow.

This is a great practice! It is a very quick and relativity easy healing. And if you dedicate a good amount of time focusing and healing each of your chakras, you will find that you start to feel way more healthy, both physically and mentally.

Each of the 7 chakras represent a way that we relate to life, and within each chakra we can see the healthiness of that aspect of our lives in how we relate to what each chakra governs.

Moving into the healing of each chakra, we can see that each chakra has a prominent aspect that relates to ourselves and our lives. Going through each chakra, from the base to the crown, I will give a simple word that you can understand that will help you with how to relate to that aspect of your life, and to be able to ultimately move into healing for the specific chakra you want to work on.

Starting at the base chakra, which is at the base of the spine, we have our relationship to our body. The sacral chakra, which is between the navel and the base of the spine, is our relationship to sexuality. The solar plexus, which is between the navel and the bottom of the ribcage, is our relationship to our will-power. The heart chakra, which is within the chest, is our relationship to love. The throat chakra, which is in the neck, is our relationship to communication. The third eye, at the forehead, is about vision. The crown chakra, at the top of the head, is about our relationship to God.

Using these simple words to describe the relational aspect of each chakra can help us to understand where we are doing our healing, and what part of our lives we are healing when we are focusing on one of the specific chakras.

This meditation and healing is something you can do while laying down, or while sitting. Simply focus on one of the specific chakras and feel it move and vibrate. Continuing with this practice for a number of hours will help you to become healthy in body and mind. And if you devote your time to this practice, you can very quickly heal your energy body and your physical body and your psychology.

I hope this has been helpful for you and that you can go now and focus on each chakra and help them to stay in a positive spin! This will help your mind and body flow, and also it will help your life begin to flow more smoothly.

Happy meditating!

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