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How can I help and contribute?

You can help Healing With Oneness to grow by joining the gatherings and having some input there, or you can simply share this site with your friends on social media.

What do you do here that's different?

We here at Healing With Oneness have an open view of mental illness, and have a natural curiosity to explore what mental illness is, and what it can be. Our approach is simply to seek a greater recognition for people who have a mental illness, and to see them excel.

What do I do in an emergency or a psychosis?

First, you will want to ground yourself; feel your feet on the floor, and breathe slow and deep. You can then calmly seek out someone you trust that you can talk to, and remember to remain calm. If you need to see a professional then go here to talk to someone.

I don't like the medication, what should I do?

Please do not stop taking your medication. If you stop taking it intermittently, or cold turkey, you risk going into a psychosis. Seek professional help from your doctor and remember that the medication may be helping you to stay grounded and in a stable state.

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