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Here are some resources to help you move forward in the direction of health and healing. These are people who have made fundamental changes in the understanding and application of mental health; these are people I recommend to help you to find a pathway towards being healthy.

Daniel Amen

Daniel Amen is the leading pioneer of how to heal mental illness. He uses SPECT Imaging, which gives an understanding of the brain to utilise therapy and appropriate medicines to help his patients. He treats people with mental illness, ADD, drug addictions, eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, and much more.

He has written many books on mental health, and has helped millions of people recover from many complex conditions. I highly suggest looking at his website for more information.

Paul Chek


Paul Chek is one of the leading pioneers in human health. His approach to how to move, eat and be healthy, has spread worldwide, with many centers and practitioners across the globe using his methods.

If you want optimal support and guidance in your exercise regime, or you want to improve your diet, I suggest for looking for a C.H.E.K. Practitioner in your local area.

You can buy his book online, which also has many great insights into how to be healthy, both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Odette Nightsky was the one who opened my mind to the idea that there is a link between certain forms of mental illness and shamanism. She was the catalyst for my journey into discovering the understanding of how to approach mental illness from a different angle.

After reading her book and talking with her, I found that there was a lot of what I was going through with my mental illness that made sense within the model of shamanism.

She has a deep understanding of both mental illness, and also the deeper view of how to use shamanic practices to navigate the territory that these people hold within them.

Jost Sauer has a great understanding of how to heal from drug abuse, and also how to live life according to patterns, cycles and inner health.

He has been through his own journey with drug abuse, and helps people to heal from this condition. He also combines eastern and western medicine to create a therapeutic approach to healing.

You can buy his books, webinars and health products from his website, and also work with him one on one to find a path to healing.

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