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Medicine for the Soul

Medicine for the Soul


This latest book from the Platinum Series - 'Medicine for the Soul' is the best prescription to deeper healing beyond the physical plane. While traditional allopathic medical models exist for the often successfull treatment and management of many healthcare conditions, in particular mental health-related illness, Adam Bushelle explores the deeper source of our potential conditions that may have failed to fully resolve from these traditional approaches.


Every soul is unique and like a garden, requires tender care and maintance to see it thrive, but in the business of life it is easy to ignore this fundemental need, or even be blinded-sided by the silent wounds that may latter surface during times of poor health or crisis. By digging deep you too will discover and unlock some of the mysteries that may just be holding you back for being your best.


Order today and get ready for your healing dose of 'Medicine for the Soul'


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