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About Me




Adam Bushelle is a true testament to the meaning of giving back.  After taking a front-row seat on the schizophrenia journey, his experience and knowledge of the trials and tribulations as one comes to terms with this diagnosis are priceless, as one learns to navigate a brave new world. Adam's vision, mission and purpose is to offer a safe haven for belonging and acceptance, in a supportive online community helping members heal with oneness.

About Me

I was born in Australia and have lived a good life of enjoying some of the greatest aspects of culture and family.

Of course my life has not been without challenges, and I believe challenge is what helps us to grow, and to help us to remember how to express and experience who we really are and who we want to be.

I am now in my 30’s and after a roller coaster ride of these last 20 years I am here pursuing my dreams. I love life, and I love the people in my life; I am very fortunate to be here, after the life I have lived, and I have been given so much opportunity, and now finally, I am beginning to embody the person I have always wanted to be.

There is so much goodness in life, and I am now, in this time, seeing myself fulfilling my greatest dream, and I am here as a beacon to light the way for those who seek to light the way for themselves.

There is vast opportunity to live the life you have always wanted, and I prove this to myself every day, considering where I have been in my life, I know now, that I have found myself, and I continue to fulfill this life as my grandest dream fulfilled.

My Journey

My journey with mental illness began in my early high school years, where I believe that I started to form manic depression. When I changed high schools I began partying and taking drugs, and eventually had my 18th birthday in hospital.

From there on I continued taking drugs and fell deeper and deeper into psychosis.

Eventually I realised that there was a way to heal, and after many years of trial and tribulation of what works and what doesn’t work to help someone live with mental illness, and to move towards mental wellness, I took it upon myself to really find out what works in being able to raise above the life I was living in terms of being a ‘schizophrenic,’ and to continue pursuing my dreams and realising the opportunities of the life I have always wanted to live.

Through cultivating a deeper understanding of how we can live with mental illness, I seek to light a spark of hope within you; that you can live the life you want to lead.

Just like taking care of a flower, you must nurture yourself.

Mental illness is more than a label, it is a journey.

Through our journey, we can make choices that lead to the goodness of life, and that help support that, or we can turn away from opportunities, and it does take great strength, and maybe the most important aspect of mental illness is the community; the people in your life.

I can say, though, that from where I am now, it is possible to heal and to triumph and to live the life of your dreams.

With this in mind, we can certainly heal our mental illness. Though, we also have something that we can attribute to a natural sensitivity to life. We can certainly have a wound, that we can seek to heal from, and to become whole, though we also will want to be aware that our natural sensitivity to life can bring us experiences that are not “common ground” for many people.

So, we have two sides that we can approach our mental illness: the healing of the wound, and the gift.

I can help you with this. As I have the understanding of mental illness from 20 years of experience, and I have come to being on firm footing and a greater degree of understanding of what heals, though also with an understanding of how we can use our natural gift, our natural sensitivity, to navigate our life.


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