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The Three Pillars To Success

We have here distinct practices that can help us to heal on very deep levels, where the healing is most needed. The deeper the wound, the deeper the healing. As much as we can, we will want to facilitate the practices that help us to move towards Physical Strength, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Wholeness.


Remember, mental illness is something which we can approach on many levels, and that whichever level we approach the healing within, that distinct aspect of ourselves will move towards what we want in our life. Whatever you want in your life will be reflected upon your life experience according to the level of inner wholeness. The deep inner work that we do can be challenging, though it does get easier, and creating a community of support for yourself can be a very great aspect of the foundation of your healing journey.


Healing ourselves is based upon our three foundations, Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Body refers to your 'physical' body and all essential ingredients to ensure its optimal function as the fundamental building block to your optimal health and wellness journey. Essentially, the foundation to build greater emotional regulation and tap into your higher spiritual being. There are numerous activities and practices we can do to help heal and strengthen the body. There are many therapies and exercises that will help us to become physically strong and well, and a strong body means you will have a stronger mind.

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Our mind is the part of us that helps our functioning of what we want to create with our lives. When we do practices that help the mind to become spacious, and light, and peaceful, we experience these in our body. There are many pathways we can take to help the mind become healthy again.

When we have a healthy mind, we then are able to experience greater aspects of our lives. Our relationship to ourselves is greater, our relationship to others is greater, and our relationship to Life is greater, and we are able to lead greater and more fulfilling lives. We may find we have greater choice in our lives when we are mentally balanced; when we have an equilibrium within ourselves, and we will find that we have more ability to live our lives and to participate in our life experience.

When we have all the good qualities of an easy mind, we will find more depth and richness to our life.

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The spirit is the ever present aspect of who you are. You are your spirit, and your mind and body are a reflection of who you are; as the mind is a reflection of your openness to spirit, your body is a reflection of your mind. Just as the mind is in every cell of the body, the spirit pervades even beyond our physical form.

It is the soul of God that holds the universe together.

We are ever present in spirit, and the more in touch we are with our spiritual self, the more we are able to create our experience with those higher qualities in touch; compassion, honesty, transparency, enthusiasm, peace, and love.

When we give from the heart, we are choosing to see this ever present spirit, and we see everyone as the same being, that which we call Life.

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