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Balance - The Middle Path

In our healing journey, and in moving towards wholeness, we will come towards more balance in our lives.

This is when we begin to find that balance is the most appropriate, and also the most healthy option. In finding balance, it may take time to see that this is the way towards optimal health, though it is a point at which we all reach eventually. If we stay committed to the path of healing, we will see that maintaining equilibrium will come from being and having balance in our lives.

To go from extreme to extreme is not healthy, and is what usually comes when we are in addictive patterns and behaviour, and also when we are not able to control ourselves or our lives. This is what happens when we are out of control.

Maintaining poise and consistency in life brings balance. It brings a sense that we are able to have a handle on ourselves and our lives, and that position of control comes from maintaining balance in every area of our lives.

To be healthy, we must be in balance in all areas. When a part of our lives is out of balance, we must make sure that we bring it into balance so we can live healthily. This means looking at all the areas of your life, and finding that measure of where you are harmonious in keeping that place of balance between the two extremes. As an example, if we are going to be exercising daily, we will want to find that which is optimal for our energy levels, our routine, and our daily goals. Being in balance using this example, we will want to create a routine around our exercise patterns; so maybe we create a daily calendar around the days that we exercise, the days we simply stretch, and the days we are resting. We could alternate days between exercise, and stretches, and also allow time for rest. We will want to be aware of not over exercising, and can choose our exercises to allow for our fitness level.

In using this example we see a few things that we can use to maintain balance in other areas of our lives. We have control around how we plan out our routine and how we utilise our time, we take into account our energy and what we are capable of, and we also have our goals and what we want to achieve from that area of our life.

In maintaining balance using this example, we will see that there is an area of activity where we are both exercising our body, and allowing time for integration of that. We are not over exercising, and we are not under exercising, we are maintaining that balance between what we can do and achieve, and what we are capable of doing, will allowing time for the integrative aspect of that activity.

I hope that example gives you a sense of where you can apply balance to other areas of your life.

Looking to see where you can apply yourself towards the middle path of balance will become easier the more you do it.

Another example is food. If you are wanting a healthy diet, then there can be the balance of foods that are healthy for you to eat and sustain yourself, while also allowing for times when you want to delight the senses and have some time for celebration. This path can also be healthy in all aspects, so you are not just eating junk food when you feel like it. You can look for foods that are preferably organic, and healthy for the body, but also give you that moment of indulgence. You could have fruit juices, or fruit based smoothies, while also keeping to your regular eating pattern. You don’t need to eat unhealthy food to indulge, but you are keeping that balance of eating what fuels and strengthens the body, while also having that time for celebration through food.

All in all, keeping that balance is looking at either extreme of whatever it is you want to find balance of in your life, and then finding that middle path towards being able to sustain that practice in your daily activities.

Keeping balance is what will keep you healthy.

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