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Stepping Out Of The Shadow Of Mental Illness

This feels vulnerable for me to share. What I've been through in my life has brought me to where I am today, and this was, at first, a very haphazard guessing, making many mistakes, and eventually hitting rock bottom. When that happened, I decided to change my life, and what followed was a very deep healing, a letting go of many things in my life, and a complete transformation that took about 10 years to complete.

I've been through a lot in my life. I've been through immense suffering that went on for about 20 years, and has only recently, this year, resolved and left me. I've been through experiences I never thought I would go through, and I've been through experiences I never thought I would get through.

If you have been through mental illness, you know that it is something that is beyond the realms of what is considered 'normal'. It is a space where you experience life on a whole other level. I call this realm, the 'otherworldly', and our connection to this realm can be very subtle, or it can be very intense. That psychosis is a spiritual event can help us understand that we are actually connecting to life on a higher level. I like to think of a psychosis as a spiritual awakening that did not happen healthily. Psychosis is spiritual awakening that is fueled by toxicity.

When we are taking drugs, or eating poor quality food, or not exercising, or not meditating, or being in unhealthy relationships, we are at risk of moving into psychosis. This varies depending on the person and the situation, though if we are fueling ourselves with toxicity, and we begin to move into an awakened state, we will go into what is understood as psychosis. Drugs are probably the biggest factor here, because when we are doing drugs, we are opening ourselves up to the otherworldly. Drugs will stretch our psyche, and when this happens, and we go into an awakening of consciousness, we will most likely experience some sort of psychosis.

Alternatively, when we are clean of all drugs, eating healthy food, exercising, meditating, and creating healthy relationships with people, we are nurturing ourselves and our mental health, and we can move into those spiritual awakening experiences without psychosis happening.

So, why do I feel vulnerable? Because I am wanting to move out of the shadow of mental illness and begin to teach people how to live through the toxic fueled state and towards the spiritually awake state. This feels vulnerable for me because it is a very tender area for me, considering where I have been, and what I have been through with my mental illness.

I always knew, from very early on, when I first started to become unwell, that I would one day be helping other people to heal themselves of mental illness. I have come full circle now, and have achieved wholeness, and health, and a complete transformation of who I am. I am now healthy, and being open and honest about what I understand about mental illness feel vulnerable.

I'm stepping out of the shadow now. And I am going to continue to do this at a higher level now. I want to help people, especially those who are going through similar things as to what I went through. I kind of like to think that it's similar to people who advocate racial equality, or gender diversity; these people who do this, from what I've seen and heard of them talk, felt vulnerable, and even a bit fearful of how their message was going to be received. Though they spoke their truth, and they helped to change the common view and understanding of the majority of people, through their message lived. They helped to change the world.

This is what I'd like to do. This is what I have always wanted to do with mental health and illness.

What I understand as the truth about mental illness, specifically for those who have schizophrenia, bi-polar, schizo-affective disorder, or some other experience of the spiritual, astral, etheric realms, or what I commonly refer to as the experience and connection with the otherworldly, is where I am offering my service.

This comes from 20 years of mistakes, failure, hospital admissions, and everything going awry on almost every level, to the choice to change, and to become my grandest vision of who I am; the 10 year mark through that 20 year rollercoaster was when I made the choice to change. And what followed after that was the learning, the 'seeing what works', and applying what did work for me, and the massive growth and change that I've made. I've endured through the dark night of the soul, and I've come out of that now. I am loving my life, and living who I see myself as in my grandest vision.

I'd like to now step up as someone who is an advocate of this deeper understanding of mental health and illness. I'd like to see change happen, where people are able to embrace what these few (1-2% of the population of Earth) experience in their daily lives.

I'm here to help these people. I'm here to guide and assist them to be able to both heal, and also to understand their true nature, and their gifts. I feel deeply passionate and enthusiastic about sharing this with people, sharing what I know, where I've been in my life, and where I can help people to move towards.

We have had great changes in all areas of human development over the last century, I am simply wanting to add to this area of understanding of mental health and illness to help to further our embrace, inclusion, and assistance and understanding of how people can understand their true nature, and to be able to step into that. Mental illness requires two things: the first is healing, the second is understanding what is true; what is actually happening beyond any limiting belief systems or theologies, but what is truly happening in reality through people drawing upon their own understanding of their lived experience.

When people are able to see what is true, they can then embrace and enhance their gifts, and can move towards integration of who they are.

I am here to help.

Thank you for reading this.

I am now consciously stepping up, and I'd like to see change happen in the lives of people who have a severe condition of mental illness. I will soon be expanding what I am currently doing to help people; most importantly I would like to start putting more information out there through videos of myself talking, and I would also like to begin helping people through doing part-time coaching for people who want help with this whole aspect of human development, I'm also going to start networking with people so I can spread this message of how to heal and transform. It all takes time, and this is something I will be doing more fully now that I have gotten to a state of being that is more whole and able to fulfill the message of where I am wanting to help people. This requires learning about how to do all this kind of stuff!

I've learned and understood, or to put it more aptly, I've remembered how to heal mental illness, and how to embrace our true nature, and now that I have accomplished this, I feel confident that I can help other people, I am now learning how to step into the world through marketing, networking, and getting the message out there!

I wish you well, and if you would like to connect with me you can do so through the website.

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