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Change and the Healing Journey

On the journey of our healing, towards wholeness and goodness, there will be a lot of change, both within and without.

As you move through your emotions, and through your inner world; releasing what does not serve you, you will find that new vistas of perception of life open up to you.

This is a call to accept change, and not to be afraid of the changes you are making.

If you are committed to working through all that is causing you not to enjoy life, then be courageous to accept that change will come. And usually it is quite positive.

As a rule of thumb, if you are not feeling well, that may be an invitation to continue feeling through, until you feel well. This may not be easy, and it can take time to express all the parts of yourself that are not having you in a state of feeling good. Keep going! If you do not feel well on a daily basis, the act of feeling through will get you to a place of feeling good on a daily basis. Feeling through your emotions brings great reward.

Persistence is the key here. Keep on reaching for your destination, and embrace the changes that are occurring for you.

Whether it be positive or negative experiences that you are working through, that you are healing within, be steadfast in your participation of becoming whole.

If you have the right tools at your side, then healing becomes an easier process, and the changes that you are making will bring lasting resolution for yourself.

I have written about the practices and processes that will help to heal mental illness in the book, ‘Medicine for the Soul,’ which I wrote and is available in the shop on this site.

Also, going through the writing I have done on this site, in the sections, “Physical Wellbeing,” “Mental Clarity,” and “Spiritual Wholeness,” can help you to get an understanding of what works to help one to heal.

Accepting change will make the process smoother, and will have you more able to be ready for the changes that will come with your expression of emotions, taking on physical exercise, and coming into a place of wholeness.

I’m reminded of the Sia album, titled “Healing is Difficult.”

Healing is not always easy, it can be a great challenge, though the benefits are also in the process. And if we have the right practices, it becomes an easier process.

Looking at how you are changing, and keeping yourself in a positive perspective on the healing journey will help you to move forward in an easier way.

If you are keeping focused on the successes you are making by healing yourself and working through your barriers can help you to keep that positive perspective, and it can be a great idea to write down on paper the successes and wins you are having from going within and doing that deep inner healing.

Stay focused on the positive changes you are making, and it will make it all that much more easier and rewarding for you.

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