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Depression is an interesting phenomenon. It is something which can be healed though.

Through expressing our grief, we are able to ease our depression, and it is through releasing the emotion that we will move from the repressed emotional state of depression, towards grief, and towards being whole.

It is natural to cry, and to let go. Grieving is the expression of letting go of something in our lives.

When we can cry and grieve, we can then let go of our emotional attachment to that thing in our lives.

If we have been told as children not to cry, to be strong, not to express our grief, we will begin to repress this emotion. I believe that is why depression is prevalent amongst men, predominantly.

There may have been good-natured parenting, though it seems that the way men are brought up, not until recently, has been for them to ‘be strong,’ to ‘toughen up,’ and it has been more okay for women to express their emotions. I say this in my observation of the recent past, and it is only more recently that we have seen that it is healthy to express your emotions, and that it is okay, even for a man, to express his emotions.

It is very okay to express your emotions, and in fact, it is just this path that we take through the feeling of our emotions, and through the crying and grieving, that will help you to release your depressive state.

The more you can feel your depression until you are crying and letting go of the grief, the more you will release that repressed grief, and the depression you have will lighten.

Sometimes you have to reach for the tears, and sometimes a single tear is all you need, all you need to let go of something that you have been holding onto.

I fully support men feeling their emotions. I believe it makes them stronger, and more whole. I have been through many years of depression myself, and when I realised that it is the release of the grieving process that I began to accept my tears, and to let it go, to let it all out.

Sometimes I would cry for a whole half hour, and sometimes it was less, though each time I was able to release my grief, I began to feel happier.

It is this happiness that you begin to feel when you release your grief and depression, life becomes more enjoyable.

The practice here is to get in touch with your grief. And, to feel through it. Be able to let those tears flow, and do not judge yourself or get the mind involved, it is best to simply feel, and to feel through the tears, it can be very rewarding, and each time you let go of some grief, you will feel more happy and whole.

If you are around people, let them know that crying is helping you to release your emotions so you can become more whole, and sometimes people will want to make sure you are okay. So, let them know you are okay, and that crying is helping you to heal.

The more you can release your grief, the greater you will feel, and you may want to do it in quiet by yourself, or you may want the support of people. Remember that as you let go, sometimes it is okay to get lost in the emotional release and just let it all go.

Be courageous, as a man or a woman, to feel your grief.

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