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Joy and Having Fun

I think that having fun is a vital part of being mentally healthy. When we are having fun we are feeling joy, positivity, enthusiasm, and excitement, and these produce feel good chemicals in the body, which then changes the mind, as the mind is in every cell of the body.

When we’re feeling good we are in a higher vibration than when we are down. When we’re in negative states, such as worry or fear, we are producing chemicals in our body that has us not feeling good, which then impact both our physical and mental health.

Feeling good and having fun are then vitally important for our own longevity, and our ongoing state of physical and mental health.

We can be in feel good states continuously, if we know what gets us there. There are many practices that can help us feel good, like singing, exercise, being in nature, enjoying company, and these can help us to get into our feel good state. We can also feel good by simply choosing to - choosing to Be in a state of positivity, which affects what we are Doing and then what we are Having in our experience (look at my blog post Be Do Have for more about that).

Choosing to feel good can simply be an attitudinal shift that you make. Choosing to be happy can be as easy as choosing to worry! All it takes is a choice on your part.

You can be happy at work, or when you are doing menial tasks, all it takes is the choice to be happy, and you go straight there.

There are other ways to feel good too, such as expressing your emotions. I talk a lot about feeling through your emotions, and expressing them, and when we do this we clear the space within ourselves and we then have emotional freedom. Expressing our emotions is a long term solution, though well worth the effort. It will bring you naturally into a higher vibration, and will help to make you feel good in the long term.

Doing things each day that help you feel good, and keeping a routine that you follow each day that impacts your physical and mental health in a good way, will have you feeling good daily.

Sometimes following your joy, following your enthusiasm, and what you’re excited about, can have you move towards that feeling of positivity. Making choices that are aligned with what make you feel good is also highly important in the quest for positivity.

Joy and choices will lead you towards more joy. You know when something feels good, and when you are about to make a choice that feels good, or one that doesn’t. It is simply a matter of choosing to move towards that which makes you feel joy.

As it says in the Conversations with God material written by Neale Donald Walsch, ‘Truth, love and joy are interchangeable, it matters not in which order they are placed, one always leads to the other.’

So in choosing joy, you are moving closer to your truth, which is love. You are love itself. We are all love. God is love, and as God is Life, Life is love.

When we are choosing joy, and when we feel joy when making a choice, we are then aligning with our truth, and this is what makes us feel happy.

The truth shall set you free, as the saying goes, and when you are aligned with what makes you joyful, you are aligning with the truth of who you are in spirit. This is the path to good mental and physical health. For when you are joyful, you feel good and you are happy both in mind, body and soul.

To make choices that are aligned with joy, you simply have to try them on. See if the choice you are about to make feels good. Does it fill you with joy when you think of doing something? Then follow that. Joy, truth and love are interchangeable. They are the same thing!

If you want more love in your life, then choose the choices that make you joyful! If you want to connect with yourself in the truth of who you are, then choose that which makes you happy!

Follow your joy, or as another saying goes, follow your bliss.

When you do this you are going to be successful. As Buddha said, ‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.’

So if you want to thrive in life, choose joy, and the joy shall set you free.

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