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Know Thyself

Jesus said, ‘Know Thyself.’

What he meant by this was to be able to be aware of who you are at a level where you know what you are going to do in any given situation.

When you know who you are you can act with integrity and awareness of what you will be, what you will do, and how you will respond to any given event.

Knowing thyself will help you to be able to know who you are, and what you will do in life, and will give you the basis by which you can make any choice or decision with confidence and courage. It also gives you the strength to know that you can handle any situation, because you know who you are and how you will respond.

Knowing yourself will come down to how intimately you are aware of yourself. The deeper your awareness of who you are, the deeper your knowledge about how you will act in any given situation.

We can attain this knowledge of who we are by meditating, or simply exploring ourselves within.

Go within, and come from within as you go about your day.

The first step here is: Go within.

To go within is to let go of the outer world and literally go within yourself, in this you will find who you are. The deeper you go within, the more you will become aware of yourself, and who you are.

Going within can also be a meditative practice that you can choose to do at any time. This is something that will help you to know who you are, and to act with integrity and knowledge.

A first step to this practice is to sit or lay down, and to take a few deep breaths and then to close your eyes and simply be with yourself. This act of being with yourself can help you to come back into remembrance of who you are in truth. Simply sit there or lay there and become intimate with who you are within. Take this time to explore yourself. Explore who you are on an inner level. Use this time to become acquainted with who you are, to get an understanding of yourself in the realm of spirit.

You can do this meditation regularly, and this can help you to come to a space where you know who you are, and can act with that knowledge in your every day life.

The second step here is: Come from within as you go about your day.

Once you know who you are by going within and doing the inner meditation, it is time to come from within as you live your life.

Going within is the first step here, so make sure you do that first, and then continue to do that as you seek to come from within. Each time you get lost in the outer world, come back to the practice of going within. Do this regularly until you are able to come from within. Then, seek to move with your inner awareness of yourself in each moment. This coming from within can be seen as you being in touch with your inner self at all times. It is an embracing of the world from within yourself as you experience your life.

If you do not go within, you go without.

This means that if you don’t go within, and do the practice of coming from within as you go about your day, you will be lost in the outer world. You will be going without, and seeking your reference point in life from that outer viewpoint. This will mean that you will be caught in the drama of the world, and you will be attached to the outer outcome. There is a way toward inner awareness though, and that is to go within at all times, then come from within as you move through your life.

This decision to go within will see you becoming more aware of who you are, and thus being able to know thyself at all times. This may happen for you in stages, as you move deeper into your awareness of who you are, until finally, you know who you are, and can act from that integrity in your life lived.

To know thyself is to be in a space of certainty about how you will respond to life. Your choices become predictable, because you know what you will do, and who you will be in any circumstance. This is the path to mastery. It is mastery of the self.

The way to know thyself, and move into that space of being a master in life, is to go within and to become aware of who you are on an inner level. Then you can approach the world with your inner self and thus live life with integrity, knowledge, and awareness.

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