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Lighten Up

The healing journey can sometimes be quite intense, and also quite heavy. It’s a great idea to balance out the seriousness of healing your mind and body, and enjoying life.

What do you find enjoyable in life?

Do more of that!

Having fun in life can even be paramount to moving forward with your healing.

It’s something that will help you to move forward, and to remember to lighten up about life, and even to lighten up about how you treat yourself.

Remember to enjoy the moment! And do those things in life that bring you joy!

I like to dance and sing and play music, and listen to music that inspires me, I also enjoy being with good friends and family, and enjoying myself and the things in my life that bring me joy.

There’s a whole list of things I can write down that I enjoy doing, and the practice here is to write a list of all that you enjoy doing, and to do something or more from that list.

Being light-hearted, and enjoying life will help you to balance out the deeper inquiries into the process of your healing.

Lightening up can be a simple change of perspective, not to take life so seriously!

Make it a priority to do this each day, to remind you to enjoy your life, and to enjoy the process of life. And if you have written a list of things that help you to lighten up, put it on your fridge!

Enjoy life, and make it a conscious practice to enjoy life each day!

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