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Self Love

Self love is perhaps one of the most important parts of being human. This is something that is at the very centre of who you are as a human being. It defines your whole experience. Loving yourself means that you can then love other people, animals, insects, nature, and Life itself.

Self love is the heart of who we are.

If we can love ourselves, then we have achieved a very important step in living our dreams.

When we go into addictions and self destructive behaviour, we will see that we are not in a space of loving ourselves. This may be because of what we have been through in life. If we have been through bullying or any type of dysfunctional behaviour whether with family or people we know at work or school, we can develop an unhealthy view of who we are.

This can then lead to unhealthy behaviour. It is as if we are attacking ourselves, or even people we care about through a lack of self love. ‘All attack is a call for help’, as it says in the Conversation with God material (written by Neale Donald Walsch), and this can even be something we do to ourselves. We may be attacking ourselves because we need help. We may also attack others as a way of seeking help.

If we are wounded and are in a place of needing help, we can begin the journey towards healing by reaching out to someone. This is the beginning of self love, when we have had enough of the self destructive behaviour and the addictions and everything we are using to numb ourselves.

When we begin this first step, it can lead to the process of healing that I talk about here at Healing with Oneness.

Using the love of the self to propel us towards that decision to love who we are, and to be able to say that we are someone who is capable and able of love, then, that is when the changes begin.

Loving ourselves is coming home to ourselves.

And in coming home to ourselves, we will move towards the healing, and the release of all that is toxic for us, whether people or chemicals. We will choose to see ourselves as worthy, and worthy of love, too.

This is the change that happens when we truly want to change for the better, to change our lives for the better, to change ourselves so we can experience our dreams.

This is the shift that happens when you are ready to begin your healing journey, and it is a shift that happens within; it is the choice to love yourself.

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