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Taking Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself has many aspects. You can be your own best friend, and create a loving relationship with yourself, and be your own greatest supporter. You can be aware of what you are feeding yourself, whether that is food, or television, movies, books and what you read.

There are many avenues to being able to nurture and create a support for yourself.

If you are in a mode of self-destruction, find the light. Search for the light that will bring you back home, that will turn the ship around, that will put you back on solid ground.

Being good to yourself means loving yourself. Include yourself amongst those you love. Be good to yourself, you deserve it.

There are practices we can also take to help us nurture and love ourselves, such as looking after a plant, or an animal. Realising what it means to take care of something, and being in the practice of that, can help you to notice where you can bring in that self-soothing and care to you.

We want to build ourselves up to be strong. We are looking for wholeness. We are searching for strength. We are seeking good experiences.

It is in creating goodness, kindness, empowerment, and acceptance that we will flourish.

Seek for that which is good for you, whether it be in watching something, reading something, eating something, doing something such as exercise, being in a space of relating with someone; bring in the nurturing to the moment, and feel free to make sure that you are being good to you.

It is through these practices that we will create goodness and nurturing, and it is through these practices that we will build ourselves up to be strong and vibrant.

Taking care of yourself is simply choosing the good, and choosing it because you know you are worth it. You know that part of yourself that thrives when given the proper nutrients and attention. Considering you are aware of what is good for you, start implementing that into your day.

Start taking care of yourself; nurturing yourself, and giving yourself those nourishing experiences. It feels good to feel good! So let yourself move in that direction, and love yourself as much as you can!

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