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The Bridge Between Science and Religion

On the homepage of this website I say that I look to heal mental illness from a spiritual viewpoint. I also say that spirituality is where science and religion meet.

Healing mental illness is something we need to look at from these two angles. Science provides us with solutions to problems based on a physical level, and thus heals the mind from that angle. Religion looks at the spiritual and heals the mind from that level.

Coming from both angles, we can see that we are supporting our full being in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Science will always look at the physical to remedy illness, and religion will always look at the spiritual, though if we see that these are both parts of our triune being, then we see that it is all the same energy.

Spirituality is where science and religion meet, and the bridge between the two looks at how all these three parts of ourselves combine for wholeness.

Seeking a religious or spiritual solution heals us on a certain level. Whereas seeking a scientific or physical solution heals us on another level.

Science will look at what we eat, what we take in the form of medications or supplements, our environment, how much we exercise, what our relationships are like, what we are doing with our lives. Religion will look at our relationship with God, our beliefs and personal stories, our relationship to the future and the afterlife.

Including all aspects of healing is important for a full understanding of what is happening with mental illness, and also how to remedy it and heal.

In order to fully heal, you must look to both the scientific and the religious. Look at all that you are doing with your physical body and your mental health, though also look at the spiritual and what you are doing with your mental health from that viewpoint too. Including both aspects leads towards wholeness within your entire being, and will help you find answers to the questions you have around how to be mentally healthy.

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