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The Difference Between Finding Yourself And Creating Yourself

There is definite difference between the act of finding yourself and creating yourself.

In finding yourself you are searching for the part of you that is authentically you. You are finding a state of being that is the epitome of self that you can base your actions and behaviour on, a place of being that relates to the world in an effortless manner.

In finding yourself, you are uncovering the layers of self that lead to the true ‘you.’

This is where meditation comes in. Looking within and seeing what is there is the gift of finding the self, and the more layers you uncover the more you can authentically express yourself.

We must also be mindful of how we are creating ourselves. Though our thoughts, words and deeds, we are creating our lives, and our definition of self.

These are two modes of behaviour that you can find balance within yourself.

There is the inward search, the search for the self, and the outward search for the definition of self in life.

Make these two modes of behaviour the balance of how you endeavour to create your life.

Make meditation a daily practice; make sure you are reaching new heights within.

Make conscious creation of the self through thought, word and deed a daily practice, make sure you are reaching new heights in your life.

These two mode of behaviour are paramount for a balance of going within and going to who we choose to be in our expression in life.

The more we can put these two aspects of ourselves into practice each day, we can then build our lives and our very selves into who we have envisioned as our grandest dream of what we can accomplish in our lives.

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