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The Power Of Self Love

Self love is one of the most important aspects of life. You are the self. There is no running away from yourself, unless you try, and even then you will only run right into who you are, always, you return to the self.

This is why when we can turn inward, to the self, with love, we can find a very deep healing. And a very deep way of going about our lives too, for the more we love ourselves, the more we are bringing love to each other.

We are all one, and if we can see that all other people are the same being that we are, then when we bring that self love to ourselves and to others, we are loving others too.

Let’s focus on the self first, though.

Self love is one of the most important aspects of being human. If you do not love yourself, you will probably have mixed emotions about who you are, you may not know why you are, and you will probably have a hard time in life and relationships.

To heal all this, you must face yourself with love. Love is the light which shines so brightly, and soothes and heals all that it touches. Self love can be deeply healing, and can bring the richness and nourishment to life, to yourself, from yourself.

Self love is a gift, to yourself, from yourself. And it is the gift that can keep on giving, always!

You may want to forgive yourself first. And make friends with who you are. Self love brings in that compassion to the self. Hate is the opposite of compassion, and being in love with yourself is definitely being compassionate with yourself.

Self love soothes the soul.

As we bring self love to ourselves, we then, naturally, begin bringing it to everyone else in our life. If we are all one, then when we bring self love to our life, we begin showering that love onto all others in our life. Self love soothes the community.

Meditate on this, make it a self love meditation! Fill your self up with self love! It will be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. You may “fall in love” with yourself, you may even fall in love with your life, and this will be a grand thing.


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