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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Do you worry?

If so, this may help…

When we are in a state of worry, it seems as though that is all we can do, is function out of the worry, and there always seems to be something more to worry about!

Take this process and use it to clear yourself of worry:

Sit or lay down.

Get into a silent state.

Go into the ‘why’ of your worrying. Connect with the worry and explore it.

Why are you worried?

As you connect with your worry, you may feel a release of the fear that is pent up inside you.

You may feel it begin to release.

Get clear on why you are worrying, and remember that it is simply something you have made up and gotten wrapped up in. You may similarly have emotional wounds that come up around why you are worrying. Be able to move through these by feeling through them, or talking about these with someone you trust.

As you feel the fear release, you will notice that the thing you are worrying about takes a less intense place within you, and you may even be able to let go of the worry all together!

If you are able to explore what you are worried about, you will be able to move through that which causes you to worry.

Give yourself time to explore this, and be gentle with yourself.

Ultimately, you will be able to free yourself of worry by exploring and releasing.

It is simply fear, that is all. Being able to let go of the fears that make you worried will help you move forward and will have you in a state of greater peace and relaxation.

The main aim is to feel that gentle release of fear as you explore why you are worried about something. There may be other emotions come up, such as guilt, or grief, or even anger. Let them all go by feeling through the emotions.

Sometimes we don’t want to confront what is going on within us, though being gentle, and exploring our worries and fears will help us to become more whole, and grounded, and will also help us to be more calm and centered.

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