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Acceptance is something that can help us along the path to wholeness. It is actually at the stage where we can accept things in our lives that mean that we are becoming more evolved, and able to see things as they are, and let things be as they are.

Acceptance is looking at life and letting it be exactly the way it is. It is choosing what shows up for you. It is not resisting, but praising to the creation of your life and letting it be.

Acceptance lets you flow through experiences, it gives you free flow in what is happening for you in life.

We can begin accepting things in our lives the moment we choose. There are many things we can accept if we choose to, and going into complete acceptance of all of it will be the ultimate goal.

If you are resisting, or not being in a state of acceptance in your life, for anything, you can choose to begin to let that acceptance take form in yourself. This can help you to begin to accept smaller things, and then, as you create that deep well of acceptance in your life for the smaller things, you can then begin accepting the larger things in your life, and then you can move into acceptance for all of it.

This is your creation is it not? Your entire life has been created by you, why not choose to bless it, and accept it, and move forward with that peace of mind and heart.

Acceptance can also be practiced not only in the present moment, but with the past and the future, too.

You can accept your entire past if you choose to. And you can accept that the future will bring more experiences for you. You see that you have created all of this; the past and the future. So choosing to accept it is choosing to accept yourself as the creator. You created it all, so to accept it as your creation is to hold it near to you, and to hold it dear to you, and to be able to let go it.

You cannot let go of that which you have not held.

Acceptance is holding something, blessing it, and letting it go.

There are many facets of life to accept, and I understand that you may not be able to do it all at once. So then begins the practice of acceptance in daily life. This is moving through life with acceptance at the forefront. It may be something you do for a moment, or for a day, or for longer periods.

No doubt you will eventually come up against something which is more difficult for you to accept, and this is where you must choose to accept it at a higher level than the personal. Accepting that it happened for a reason, and that there is a greater plan going on than you are now aware of will help this acceptance.

Knowing that there is a divine plan to life, and that this plan is assisting you every step of the way. Knowing that everything in your life is happening for a reason. And knowing that you have created all of this. These things will help you to accept all of it.

Going to a higher viewpoint in your life will help you to see that you are the creator. It will help you see that things are happening on a higher level, too, and that because of this, you are able to see things from a larger perspective.

We get caught up in the drama when we are not aware of this higher perspective. And we may come to be in a state of refusal when we are caught up in the drama of life. Refusal is the opposite of acceptance. In refusal, we are resisting the flow of life, and resisting the process. It is just as easy to accept everything as it is to refuse anything.

Acceptance leads us towards appreciation of life. This is ‘being a yes’ to our experience.

Acceptance may actually be the gateway towards appreciation, for it is when we can accept everything as it is, we can gently move into appreciation of it all, too.

Acceptance feels good, too. You know when you are in a state of acceptance because you feel free, and easy, and calm, and relaxed. Nothing is bothering you because you are not refusing it.

Acceptance will lead you towards peace. And knowing this can help you when you may need it. Remember to be in acceptance at all times and you will feel the flow of life within you.

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