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We are all angels. We are all one big spiritual family!

We have come to Earth, to the physical, to experience Life.

And, we have the help of the angels any time we want or need it.

To ask the angels for help, you can simply say, “I ask the angels to help me with _______ (whatever it is you want help with).”

The angels will never go against any one’s free will, and they will only help you with personal requests, and are never malicious at all. The angels are in pure spirit, and can work from that place in Life.

It is best to work with the angels if you are coming up against something in life that you simply can’t work out yourself.

They can also help support you on any level you need.

I’ve found it best to be courteous with the angels as well. It is not needed, though it seems to work well to show your respect and decency for them helping you. Saying ‘please,’ and ‘thankyou,’ can show your appreciation for their help.

If you feel stuck, or can’t figure out a solution to your problem, consider asking the angels to help you. And it is also a great idea to be specific in your request.

Conversing with the angels can help too, if you are requesting their help, and it may be a point to let them know to let you know when your request and help has been completed; to let you know that you have been helped. This can be a visual, or deeply known feeling that you have been helped.

So, next time you feel you need some help from a higher place, ask the angels!

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