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I’m feeling anxious just writing this. I’ve had many years of the intensity of anxiety, and I’ve found that the only way to move forward through anxiety is to feel through it.

The only way out is through.

It really is that simple, and also that terrifying. Anxiety can be overwhelming for most people who have it, and it is really something that comes with a lot of fear, it’s something that we can work with though.

I’ve found through my practice of being able to stay open to the anxiety, when it comes on, I can give it the release it requires to come out of my system. It is like a pressure valve; each time you find you are in anxiety, just give it that bit of expression by feeling through, being open to the emotion and letting it be felt through.

Stay open to the energy passing through your body. Over time if you give it expression, you will find that it lessens; you are pushing it out of your system, and on the whole you will be getting it out of you, and over time it will lessen in intensity and degree.

You do not need to wait for the anxiety to come on either, it is best to be prepared for the next time you have that overwhelming anxiety that when you start to feel the anxiousness, simply feel it, remain open to the feeling of it, and give it that expression you need to give it to get out of your system.

If you stay in repression of the emotion, you will be pushing against it as it pushes to come up and out of you. What you resist, persists. The best thing you can do is prepare for the next time you get that anxiousness, this can be by having someone with you, or being in a place that is safe and comfortable, and to remember to give it that expression that it needs. It may even become more intense for you as you feel through it, though remember that the more you give it expression, the more you will be free of it.

This is the only way that I’ve found to work through the emotion. Though it does work. Once you get it out of your system, you will be feeling much more peaceful and calm.

If you need to talk about anxiety, go on to the forum as I’ll be starting a thread there where you can have your say.

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