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Be Do Have

We are a triune being, made up of Mind, Body and Spirit. We also have three levels of functioning in how we create ourselves and our world.

These are Be, Do and Have.

When we are Being something with our Spirit, then we are doing something with our Mind, and we Have an experience with our Body.

Most people are trying to get things done through Doing. They want to Have something in their experience, and they are at the level of Doing, in order to reach results. Though there is a faster way.

When we are coming from a state of Being, we are essentially moving the gears of creation much faster and more effectively than when we are trying to achieve that same state through Doing.

As Ghandi said, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

I think he meant that literally - BE the change you wish to see!

If we are coming from a state of Being, then we are initially creating that in our lives at a much faster rate, and at a higher level than Doing. We can Do what we want to make change happen in our lives, and we are always Doing, though when we come from a state of Being, we are in effect, Doing what we are Being, and thus we Have an experience.

Being leads to Doing which leads to Having.

Doing something to Have an experience works at one level, though Being something to Have an experience includes the Doing and is the greatest way to create what you want to Have in your life.

We are always Being something, too. And if we are Being something while Doing something else, we will not be in alignment with what we want to Have. It is of prime importance that you are always aware of what you are Being when you are wanting to achieve what you want to Have in life. Being precludes Doing, which precludes Having in your experience.

We can choose any state of Being that we want. It may be a good idea to write down some states of Being that you want to Be, and then practice Being those over a period of time.

You can also write down what it is you want to Have in your life, and then go straight into Being that which you want to have. Once you start Being something, your actions will follow, and you will Have an experience.

This is something that takes time, also. When you choose a state of Being, stay with it until you see that what you are Doing and Having in your experience is what you want.

To change your world, and change your life, practice Being that which you want to Have, and you will eventually Have it in your experience.

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