• Adam

Celebration and Ceremony

If we can consider ceremony to be occasions that we attribute our admiration of the sacredness of life; such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, or any such sort of tradition that we keep yearly, we can see that celebration is praising the beauty and grandeur of life, and these two things; celebration and ceremony, are often intertwined.

There is certainly also a difference between healthy celebration of life, and unhealthy celebration. If we can understand that being in a state of celebration through using alcohol, or drugs, is an unhealthy way to celebrate life, we are able to implement healthy celebration, instead.

Healthy celebration of life can look like preparing food and enjoying that food with people, the playing of music in a group, even exercise can be seen as a healthy way to celebrate life. And there is a marked difference between these two ways celebrating life.

Sometimes what we consider ‘fun’ can actually be detrimental, and until we see that using substances to elevate and celebrate life is damaging, we can then put these things down, and it is most appropriate to then begin using healthy and life-affirming ways of celebration, such as the ones mentioned above.

With celebration and with ceremony, if we can see the way that we celebrate to be important to us, we will seek new ways of celebrating life that bring the healthiest experiences to ourselves and others. In ceremony we are usually celebrating life, and there can also be a state of celebration in ceremony.

These two ways that we enjoy life can be a place where we bring mindfulness to what we are doing, and how we are participating in life and in ceremony and celebration of life.