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Certified Organic

I have been eating quite well for the last few years. Following the advice I got from reading the book, ‘How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy,’ by Paul Chek, helped me to realise how the foods that we eat can have a very real effect on how we feel, our energy levels, and our overall health, both physically and mentally.

I started to change a few things in my diet over the last few days. Going through every facet of what I was eating and being very meticulous in what I was consuming. And this change has made such a huge difference!

You will know how you feel after eating a food within the couple hours after eating that food. Introducing certified organic foods into your diet will change how you feel, and it can be quite instantaneous.

I’m writing this blog post because I have noticed this change in how I feel by simply changing a couple of the things I am eating. I am eating about 98% certified organic foods now, and I’m absolutely feeling incredible!

I realised that over this last year, one of the reasons I was not feeling well was because of my diet. As soon as I started introducing foods that were good for me, I started feeling good!

I highly suggest reading Paul Chek’s book, ‘How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy.’

This book will give you much more detailed and specific information on the subject than I can do with a blog post.

For now, if you are on your journey of becoming mentally well, take a look at what you are eating every day. Going out there and finding certified organic foods and introducing them into your diet, even if you are making small changes here and there every few weeks, and being willing to notice the effect that what you are eating makes you feel, will slowly help you to shift towards eating healthy.

If you really want to get this part of your life handled, I suggest visiting Paul’s website and learning more from there.

Alternatively, you can buy his book online.

Happy eating!

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