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This is a great relational practice that you can do with anyone. I’ve been learning Circling this past year, and it is so deeply rewarding and enriching. It’s amazing how deeply and fully you can connect with another human being through simply talking, and ‘getting their world.’

Circling is based around simply being curious about another person, and following that curiosity with questions in order to see how they are experiencing the world.

As someone who has been through a great amount of mental health issues in my life, I’ve found that one of the most important thing in terms of mental health especially, is connections with people.

Psychological isolation can be overwhelming sometimes, and knowing that there are people in your life that you can connect with can help this, so you do not feel alone. Taking steps to enrich your connections with people can be a great step to healing.

Circling was founded by a man named Guy Sengstock, and has become an international phenomenon. Many people practice this around the world, and I believe it is truly helping people to come to an authentic understanding of themselves and others, and the world around them.

For those of us who have mental health issues, this practice can be a way of connecting in a way that helps us to be heard and understood in terms of our specific way of experiencing life.

The practice of Circling helps each other to feel that we have been seen, heard, and understood by another, and I believe this practice can truly help people with a mental illness to feel that another person ‘gets’ us.

This practice can be done with anyone, and it is a great way of connecting with another on a deeper level.

If you are interested in this practice, you can go to their website:

You may also want to find people who are already practicing this in your local area and join them and see if you like it. There are many people who are now practicing Circling and there are communities all around the world who you can link up with, even if it is simply online.

I hope you find joy in this practice, and that you are able to create a greater sense of community in your life by practicing Circling.

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