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Circling and Authentic Relating

I’ve started to get back into the practice of Circling. After doing some coaching around how the practice works, I am now implementing that into my relationships, and I am feeling great because of it!

Circling is a deep relating practice around getting another’s world. It is being able to see and hear, and to understand another person and how they view the world. It’s a really great practice and can bring in states of deep affinity, reverence, and really ‘getting’ someone else and how they perceive the world.

Doing this practice has helped me to become more confidant in relationships and socially, and it has also helped me to come to a deeper understand of humanity, and the human experience.

I believe that Circling should be taught to all people, so that it can help everyone to relate to everyone else more easily, and with more depth and richness. It is certainly a very valuable and life-enhancing practice.

If you would like to explore Circling, or are just interested in it, go here:

Looking to see how we relate to ourselves, to our world, and the people in it can be something that becomes more rich and rewarding, when we are able to move into that world with curiosity and focus, presence and appreciation.

Being able to have a relating practice that we can use when we want to understand someone else, and ourselves, more, can really help us to feel a sense of ease and confidence with the people in our lives. There’s something magical and mysterious about Circling that, even when done on a surface level, can really shift our worldview, and our sense of ourselves and others.

It can put us in touch with our deeper humanity.

Being able to practice this is something that can really change your life. And it can change it for the better; creating more richness and depth not only in our relationships, but within ourselves too.

Relating practices can also include simply being present with others. Taking that moment to connect with yourself and with another, and to really just be in the moment with them, can bring about a change in how you are relating to them.

Being present with yourself will be the first step here, because when you are present with yourself, you can then move into being more present with those around you.

This is a good mediation practice that you can do at any time, is to be present with the self, and then you can move into being present with others.

Appreciation also comes into play here. Appreciation is ‘being a yes’ to your experience. So if you are being present to yourself and your experience, being a yes to that and being in appreciation of that present moment experience is also important.

These are all practices I’ve learned from the Circling community, and also the Authentic Man Program, who are aligned with the Circling community. The authentic movement has taken itself to a global level, and being authentic is a treasured part of being human. Being authentic with yourself, and also with others, doesn’t have to be a phenomenon that is just ‘out there’, either. It can be something that you know how to create, and it can be something that you can practice with the people in your life.

If you are interested in creating more authenticity in your life, then you can begin with Circling. It will give you a proven formula as to how to create authentic relationships in your life, and it will bring you to being able to make moments in your life that feel magical, or have that human quality of sacredness and profound connection.

Being in that space with another person will bring in a deeper appreciation of life, and if you begin to create communities based around the practice you will have many friends and people who will be able to explore the depth and richness of the human endeavour.

Though starting with people you know and practicing Circling can be a great start, even if it is simply being present with another and being in a space of curiosity about them, that can be the first step towards authentic relating.

Choosing to practice authentic relating will be something you will want to look at if you are feeling like you need more human connection. There’s a point at which you will understand how to create that connection with someone, and Circling, I believe, is the way to get there.

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