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We have the physical body, and we also have the emotional and the mental bodies, we also have the astral or etheric body, and also the spiritual body.

It is on the astral plane that our astral body is most connect to. We can also call this the etheric body, but I prefer the word ‘astral’ and I’ll be using that for now.

On the astral plane there are things that we can discern as ‘cords.’ These are attachments that link between people and objects. These attachments can be most dense between people, because one or both people that the cords are attached to can have repressed emotions and beliefs that keep these cords in place, and they can become very thick and dense over time, and thus this can bring in a feeling of negative attachment to the person on a level that can affect us mentally, and physically.

If you feel that there is an attachment between you and someone, you may want to try cutting cords, simply ask Archangel Michael, “Archangel Michael, please cut all cords to __________ (whoever it is).”

You may want to try this and see how you feel.

These cords can naturally release as well, as we feel through our emotions and heal and grow, cords will naturally release, and we will know that they are releasing as we will feel a cool breeze around our body when the cords are being released.

If you are feeling bold you can cut cords to groups of people. You may want to go through and write down all the major groups you have been a part of in your life, and lay down and ask, “Archangel Michael, please cut cords to everyone I met at ____________ (name of group).”

You can go through each group, releasing cords to each group of people. And be ready for a massive shift in your energy level, and your mental clarity! Also, make sure you get up slowly after you release cords to a group of people, and make sure you have a big glass of water after you get up.

I’ve found that doing this process of cutting cords to people to be highly beneficial for my mental health, it is something we can do whenever we want. We may want to go through our family and friends last, if you have written a list of people and groups, make sure that on an astral and energetic level that you are ready for the shift in your energy field.

Do this practice with one person at a time, and see how you feel, and then you can move onto groups of people when you are more prepared for the change in your energy field.

I believe you will find this practice to be of great assistance to your mental health.

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