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Etheric Cords

Etheric cords are a natural part of life, and are a part of the etheric realm, which overlays the physical. These cords connect between people, places and things. This is what naturally happens when a connection is formed between people, or an object, or a place, and the cords are created on an energetic level. If we have too many cords attached to too many people, or things, or places, it can cause mental health problems.

When we have too many cords, it can effect our mind, and our energy levels, and can also have an effect on us on a psychic level.

Cords are most likely to attach between people, and when you form a relationship with someone, these etheric cords form between you and the other person. Cords are most likely to attach between people when there is an emotional wound. These emotional wounds will be in both people, though they may be a different type of wound for each particular person. One person may have a wound that forms an attachment to the other person, while that person may have a different type of emotional wound which attaches the cord to them.

We can also have cords attached to places, and these are usually places that we visit often or that we have a connection to, such as our house, or where we work. And we can also have cords attached to objects, or even things that we may have addiction to.

There are a couple of ways to release cords from you. One way is to cut them, or to ask Archangel Michael to cut them for you. This is a quick fix, and can remedy a problem if you are feeling overwhelmed by a psychic connection with someone, though this method is only temporary, as cords can reattach if the emotional wound that is linking them to you is not healed within. Healing the emotional wound is the surest way possible to completely remove a cord, or many cords from you.

When we heal our emotions, we are able to naturally release the wounding that is within us, and this in turn releases the cords that we have attached to people, places, or objects.

To heal your emotions, all you need to do is feel them. Feel through them until they are gone. This is a simple practice, though it can be very challenging to face your emotions, so be careful if you are going into your emotions.

As you heal your emotional wounds, and you become more whole, you will have less cords attached to you. They will simply release as you release the emotions that are stored within you.

This is by far the best method for releasing cords, and is the only way to truly reduce the number of cords you have.

We have five natural emotions: grief, envy, anger, love and fear. And these can be repressed into depression, jealousy, rage, possessiveness, and panic. Going into your emotions will bring up the emotional wounds that are within you, and as you feel through the emotion and release the emotion, any and all attachments that you have will be released, thus releasing any cords from you.

There are other methods of releasing cords, such as seeing an energy healer, or having someone do healing therapy on you, such as acupuncture, reiki, massage, chiropractic, etc. Though these practices, which are definitely useful to help you to heal and move forward, are simply utilising the same principle as the emotional healing; they are healing the wounds that are there, and thus releasing the cords.

Cords are there for a reason, so be careful if you are cutting them. Being slow and methodical in the process of releasing cords will bring the best result, rather than seeking a quick fix. To feel through your emotions is the best way to release cords for good, and will have you feeling more whole and healthy in the long run.

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