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False Evidence Appearing Real

What is fear?

It is simply an emotion. It is also a choice.

We can have the emotional aspect of fear running through us, and it is highly appropriate to address that fear that is within you.

The more you can feel through your fear, the more you will be in a state of love.

There is also the choice: fear or love?

What do you choose most often?

Love is that which lets go, cares for, caresses, soothes and holds dear.

Fear is that which holds on, destroys, rankles, and ruins.

There is a clear choice we are making each moment; to love or to fear.

Consciously notice which one you are choosing most often.

You will know when you are in a state of fear or love, simply by how you are reacting or responding to the moment.

And furthermore, if you are in a reactive state, you will most likely be in fear. If you are in a loving state, you will be responding to the moment; embracing it and creatively choosing and acting.

If you have been in a state of great fear, you will want to do the emotional meditation of feeling through. Sit, or lay down, and connect with the fear in you. By connecting to the emotion of fear within us, we can safely and gently feel through it, and once the emotion is gone, it is gone.

Remember to use the breath if it becomes intense. Feeling through can be very intense sometimes, and staying with the breath can help you to move through the emotional release.

When we repress our fear, it becomes panic. So if you are panicky at any time, that is a sure sign to feel through the emotion of fear and panic until you come to a state of relaxation.

The more relaxed we are, the more we are in a state of love. The more fear inside us, the more we will tense up.

There may be other emotions that are bundled in with the fear in you, so simply feel through these as well.

To face your fear, you must embrace your fear. And in doing so, you will be able to let it go by feeling through it, and you will move towards a more relaxed and loving state.

And most of all, choose love! In all moments, choose love! Make it a conscious choice! Choose love, and you will be moving towards a greater state of being!

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