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After these many years of feeling through all my emotions I am now at the stage where I am able to feel all the time. It has not been easy though, there's been a great amount of courage to be able to feel through all that I have, and being my own guide through my emotional journey has been essential to my success.

What I’ve noticed is that we, as human beings, seem to become more numb the more emotions we have sitting in our system; so the more emotions we have within us that have not been felt through will actually start a process whereby we are numb to what we are feeling. This process happens through us repressing our emotions, and the more we repress the more we can go on a rollercoaster in our mind, as all that emotion that is repressed and pent up inside of us has our mind racing and our body numb to what it is feeling.

When we start this process of feeling through our emotions, and getting intimate with ourselves, and having that courage to feel through the emotion, we begin to be able to express them. As I said, it took me many years to get to this level of feeling all the time, and ideally we will want to be feeling all the time. There’s so much enjoyment, liveliness, opportunity and inspiration that we can get to, when we are feeling through all the time. It really is a journey that you can choose to take if you feel that is where you want to go, and this does mean feeling everything that has you numbed and closed down to life, though on the other side of that is a much more full and rich experience to be had.

If you find that you would like to begin a journey where you are able to feel through your emotions, then all you really need to do is sit or lay down and begin feeling what is there. We have five emotions, which are Grief, Envy, Anger, Love and Fear, and the process by which you do this practice is to simply feel through what is there, wherever you are present to your emotions, feel that. Do not think too much about this process, simply identify which emotion you are feeling, and have the courage to feel through it until it subsides and you feel like you can go about your day.

As we feel through our emotions, we will find our life is working more smoothly, just as our emotional wounds are drawing in experiences that will help us to notice where we can further feel through towards emotional wholeness. This is because our emotional wounds draw to us our life experiences in order for us to heal, and when we signal to life that we are ready to feel through our emotions, we will be able to notice when something comes up for us to feel through to heal.

I’ll be starting a forum thread about this as I believe it is highly beneficial for us to feel through our emotions towards mental health.

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