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Finding A Therapist or Practitioner

In our healing journey we will need to find people who we can work with. These may be healers, or people we can talk to, or people who help us with motivation and life goals.

Whether you are looking for a psychotherapist to help you work through things, or an energy healer, or an exercise physiologist, a life coach or a even a GP, there is one way to choose someone that is right for you, and that is to see how you feel when you are choosing them.

You can go by your gut instinct, your intuition, or you can do the ‘body test’ - this is where you see how your body responds to choosing someone to work with.

The body test can be done like this: find someone you want to work with, then assume or pretend that you are going to work with them, check in with your body and see if your body opens or closes as you imagine working with the person you are thinking about seeing. If your body opens as you think about working with them, then that is a sign that it would be beneficial to work with that particular person. If your body closes, then maybe it’s not for you.

You can also go by how you feel. Your gut instinct or intuition about working with someone will tell you instantly if it is a good match. Once you’ve found someone you want to work with, check in with how you feel around working with them. You will either feel negative, or positive, or somewhere in between. I suggest finding someone who you have a positive feeling about. If you’ve found a number of people you want to work with, go with the one that feels the best.

In terms of finding people to work with, Google is your friend. You can do searches for people in your local area and make a list of potential people who you want to work with. And I suggest having a team of people helping you as you are doing your healing. If you know what you want help with, you can then find those people who will help and assist you in the area you want help with.

On my healing journey I’ve had many different people help me. Some of those people have been with me long term, and others I have had only short times with, though all of them have been helpful for me, and this is because I always check in before I go to see someone that I am going to work with.

I suggest making a list of potential people that you want to work with. This can be anything that you feel you need help with. There are many healing modalities out there, it’s just about finding the right one that helps you move forward the most. Along with healing, you can also find people who can help you with your life purpose and your goals and motivation to do things, such as a life coach.

All in all, finding someone you like to work with, and who is going to give you the greatest forward movement, goes back to your intuitive hit about them, and working with someone who truly helps you will come down to your instinct about them.

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