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Gratitude can be as simple as seeing what you have in your life. It is looking at what you do have, and being thankful that it is there.

You can be thankful for anything in your life, and the greatest act of gratitude is to be grateful, for everything.

If you can have gratitude for everything in your entire life, you will be in a very high vibrational state, and you will be feeling good. It is easy to have gratitude for the good things, but when you are grateful for all of it, then you will be creating a good space for you to feel good, and to create more goodness for yourself.

Being grateful for everything in your life, you can start to see that what you have is really special. You can be grateful for having a home, having money, having friends, having family, having people supporting you in your healing journey, for nature, for being alive! You can be grateful for all this good stuff in your life, and as you do this you realise how special it is. It is good to notice how good all this stuff is, and to have gratitude that it is in your life.

Going further, having gratitude for all of it, you become happy, and content, you see that everything in your life is there for a reason, and you praise to the creation of your life. This brings peace, and goodness to you. It brings you to a state of praise. And things take on a new meaning for you; you see that all of it is here for your benefit. You see the opportunity in life, and that everything in your life is perfect.

Seeing the perfection in life is what comes from being grateful. And being grateful for all of it brings the understanding that all is perfect.

Start with the things you have and be grateful for them, and see how you feel. It is something that puts you in a state of appreciation, and readiness for opportunity. Then, extend that gratitude to being grateful for everything. Be grateful for all of it, no matter what it is. In doing this, you will become a magnet to attract to you more things to be grateful for!

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