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This is a highly important part of having and managing mental illness. When we have a mental illness, or if we are going through psychosis, we are detaching from our sense of self, our present moment reality, and from our connection to the planet.

This detachment comes from the process of our awareness being taken to the otherworldly. As Odette Nightsky says in the title of her book, we are ‘The Bridge Between Two Worlds’. As someone who is experiencing life in this way, with an awareness of the astral realms, or the spirit realms, or any dimension that is not in this current physical reality, we will need to practice being grounded and staying grounded. And this will help us to not only maintain our connection to the world and the present moment, or this physical reality, but will also help us to be able to travel and navigate the otherworldly phenomena that we are experiencing.

There are a couple of ways to ground.

First, you can simply feel your feet on the floor. This can help you to come back to the presence of the body. Put your feet on the floor, or better yet, on the earth, and feel that connection to your body.

This will put you in a state of presence quickly, if you need it. This is something you can do whenever you need to quickly ground. It can also begin the process of becoming more present in your body. Choosing to feel your feet on the ground can help you to start bringing presence into your body, which will help you to stay grounded in your life. As an extended practice of bodily presence you can start to feel your legs, your arms and torso, your head, you can go deeper and deeper into your bodily presence through this practice, and this is a great way to become more integral in your relation to life. You will eventually, if you consist with this practice, able to be consistently grounded in your body at all times. This may take a lot of work, or it may be something that you practice over a few months to a year, until you are completely grounded in your body at all times.

The next practice is connecting to the Earth by being in nature.

This will be something you can do to quickly ground yourself, and it is good to do this once a day or once a week, depending on how much grounding you need. Being able to place your feet on the grass, or on the sand at the beach, or even going for a swim in the ocean, are all good ways to be able to connect to the Earth, and also to yourself, too.

This is something you will have to plan first, though. You might need transport to get you there, and you will need to bring water or food with you depending upon how long you are staying in nature for.

Simply being in nature is rejuvenating. It is refreshing, and can help you recharge. Though most importantly it will keep you connected to the Earth and to your sacred connection with Mother Nature.

The third practice is breathing.

Being able to breathe deep into the belly and to let your stomach expand as you breath will bring in life force energy that will activate your body, thus creating a deeper presence in your body.

You may be a shallow breather, and if this is so you will not be getting the required amount of oxygen you need. So taking the time to breathe deep into the belly will bring you back to being able to feel the body.

This is something that you will have to practice over time. Any time you notice yourself shallow breathing, breathe deep as you can, and even let your body stretch and take in that breath.

The fourth practice is exercise.

Exercise will be building muscle in your body, which will help you to ground. It will, over time, create less fat and more activation of your muscular system, which will help you in building up strength, which will also help you to stay present in your body.

These are four practices you can do at any time to help you to ground and stay present to your physical reality. The more present you are the more grounded and in the moment you will be. Even if you are experiencing otherworldly states of consciousness, being able to stay grounded through those experiences will not only help you on the physical level, but will also help you in navigating the otherworldly terrain as well.

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