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Healing and Time

Healing takes time. You cannot rush the process. You must take each step and each moment as it comes.

If you have been through a psychosis, you must give yourself the proper amount of nourishment, nutrients, care, emotional release and gentleness that will help you to successfully rehabilitate.

If we take a look at people who have had a physical injury, and those who require rehabilitation from that injury, we can look at the akin scenario of someone who has had an psychotic episode; they will also require that same time for healing and rehabilitation.

There is a vast difference between these two scenarios, though the method and process and the formula to healing is the same.

After you have had a psychotic episode, you will require nurturing, caring, healing, positive community support, you may need a time for extra sleep, and you can move forward, one day at time, and all these things help you to recover.

Because the process is the same, if you treat yourself as someone who is recovering from an injury, albeit being a psychological one, you will come further towards wholeness and well-being than if you go back into drugs, or into unhealthy relationships and trauma.

We basically move into psychosis because there is an underlying trauma associated with something we have been through, or something that has happened which tears at the fabric of our psyche. Drugs and addiction can expand us beyond our capacity to handle our reality in psychological terms, and this can be one pathway of moving towards a psychosis. The other is trauma, which can be relationship based, or personally based, and depending on which, can tear at the fabric of our well-being and trust in ourselves and other people.

If you have been through a psychotic episode, you will want to put time aside to heal. This is most important; to be able to treat your recovery and your journey of healing as giving it the same importance and care as that of someone who has had a physical injury.

Putting this time aside to heal can mean that you are on the path to wellness, and wholeness.

Giving yourself this time, and allowing yourself to heal will give you much more in the way of creating stability and abundance in your life.

And just like a scar that is the sign of a past injury, we may have a ‘psychological scar’ that is a sign of the wounded healer. Not to say that we cannot move past this. I have heard of people who have gone deep enough into themselves that their physical scars unwind and disappear, and I do believe that given enough time and healing effort, we can make our psychological scars disappear into the wholeness of who we are.

That has been my mission with my own healing. And allowing the time for that has been monumental in seeing myself move towards wholeness and healing.

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