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Healing Our Triune Being

Our Triune Being

There is a reason we focus on these three key aspects in healing. At Healing With Oneness our approach is fundamental to how we move forward and grow as a human being, and also as to how we heal.

We have three aspects to our beingness; body, mind and spirit.

Looking at these three aspects we have many therapies we can introduce to create a therapeutic approach to becoming whole.

Because we can become whole, we may want to look at our brokenness, and determine what will help the most to heal ourselves most effectively. We must also look at healing itself. We do not want healing to be traumatic in and of itself; we will want healing to be that which soothes the trauma, and completes the process of what the wound was causing us to experience. The law of attraction will work on our wounds; it is by the wound that we create our life situations so that we may heal, these life situations are brought to us to heal, and it is through these life experiences that we come to heal.

Though because we are conscious beings, we can consciously heal our wounds through therapies, and there are many therapies that we can look at. Determining what aspect of ourselves we want to heal, we will want to find the therapy that brings the most soothing, and has the greatest effect of helping us to become whole.


We have a great and varied approach to healing the physical. There are many therapies we can use, and in most cases we can make full recovery considering the approach and therapy we use, and the therapist we are seeing.


This is where we are, I believe, in terms of healing our humanity. If we were not broken, we would not be seeking healing, and it turns out that the mind can heal very quickly given the correct therapy. Though it may be a bit more difficult to determine where we can apply the healing.

Body, Mind, Spirit
Healing Our Three Levels Of Being

I’ve found that healing the emotions will heal the mind, using the enneagram to go deep into the psyche can help the mind to heal, art therapy and music therapy will help one to express themselves even when words cannot,

We, as a collective, are shifting from a body-focused species, to a mind-focused species. And with more depth, comes more clarity of who and what we are, and also more complexity, though with a great finesse of simplicity; we are evolving towards the level of conscious now.

And all that we have grown to become as a species is now becoming conscious.

Which lends itself to the next level;


When we transcend the mind, and move to the spirit, we can have fundamental shifts in consciousness. These shifts can help us to become whole, and in that they can also help us to heal, because the aspect of becoming whole is through healing.

When we can address the Spirit, we can then very quickly heal the mind, and also in greater circumstances the body will heal too.

The practice here is to define where in your being you will find the most healing.

Most often you will be able to address one aspect of your being; the body, mind or spirit, and you can work from the aspect that appears to have the most brokenness.

The greatest thing we can do, is to honestly and transparently ask ourselves, “where is the wound?”

If we can find where that wound in ourselves is, we can then seek out the therapies that can assist us to heal, to become whole. And it can be challenging, and it can be confronting, though the benefits of being whole, and to have a happy and healthy life, are the treasure at the end of that rainbow.

So, ask yourself, “Where is the wound?” Is it a part of the mind, body or spirit? And, what ideas do I have that I can be able to approach this wound, and to heal it?

Remember we are working from one of three levels: body, mind and spirit. The closer you come to deciphering where the wound is, the closer you can find the pathway towards healing the wound.

And this exploration of finding our wound does not mean we do not see life as perfect. We are beautiful, and perfect as we are, though we can also seek a greater wholeness in ourselves that lead to greater life experiences.

So make of it a joyful exploration; that you may see the pleasure in the moment, all the while seeking that deeper exploration of who you are as a human being.

We focus on the three levels of beingness here

And if you are wanting to talk to someone, to ask a question, you can go to our forums

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