• Adam

Healing Our Triune Being

Our Triune Being

There is a reason we focus on these three key aspects in healing. At Healing With Oneness our approach is fundamental to how we move forward and grow as a human being, and also as to how we heal.

We have three aspects to our beingness; body, mind and spirit.

Looking at these three aspects we have many therapies we can introduce to create a therapeutic approach to becoming whole.

Because we can become whole, we may want to look at our brokenness, and determine what will help the most to heal ourselves most effectively. We must also look at healing itself. We do not want healing to be traumatic in and of itself; we will want healing to be that which soothes the trauma, and completes the process of what the wound was causing us to experience. The law of attraction will work on our wounds; it is by the wound that we create our life situations so that we may heal, these life situations are brought to us to heal, and it is through these life experiences that we come to heal.

Though because we are conscious beings, we can consciously heal our wounds through therapies, and there are many therapies that we can look at. Determining what aspect of ourselves we want to heal, we will want to find the therapy that brings the most soothing, and has the greatest effect of helping us to become whole.


We have a great and varied approach to healing the physical. There are many therapies we can use, and in most cases we can make full recovery considering the approach and therapy we use, and the therapist we are seeing.