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Heightened Sensitivity

We as individuals who have a heightened sensitivity to life will have to be aware of how to navigate that sensitivity.

We may be psychic, or empathic, or we may have a raised influence that comes from chemicals, or external stimulation, or physical touch.

Being a sensitive means that we have to take care of that part of ourselves that is open to a heightened influence. If we look at the areas in which we are influenced at a higher degree than most people, we can be able to make adjustments so we can function.

There are many ways that we can make change in our lives to help us with our heightened sensitivity. And this comes from knowing what helps your specific sensitivity. If you have a sensitivity to your environment, you can start with supplements such as a multivitamin, or vitamin D, or fish oil, or go talk to your GP or health professional and find something that will help your sensitivity to the external world. This is an easy and quick way to adjust your senses so you can function easily.

If you have sensitivity to chemicals, then make sure you are eating healthy, and I mean eating purely organic foods and drinking artesian water (water that comes from a spring). You will want to avoid anything that will affect you, such as junk foods, or anything that isn’t organic. Certified organic foods are the best, so make sure you look for those in your local supermarket. You will also want to stay away from addictive and mind-altering substances. This may be the prime reason you have a mental illness; if you are sensitive to chemicals and you do drugs, it is easy to do too much for your level of sensitivity, and you will have a greater high than people without that heightened sensitivity.

You could also have a higher sensitivity to touch. This means that clothing can become uncomfortable, and you may want to wear loose clothing, and find that type of clothing that doesn’t annoy you. Heightened sensitivity to touch can also mean you are more hyper aware of when you are sitting or laying down or even walking, and being comfortable when you are both sitting or laying or walking around will mean that you have nothing underneath you, and that you can move and stretch out in an easy way, or that you have comfortable footwear.

People with mental illness or ADD are the people most likely to have heightened sensitivity, along with a cross-section of people who are more psychically gifted or empathic.

Being sensitive to other people’s emotions and energy can also be something you may want to consider looking at so you can manage yourself and how these things effect you.

Being sensitive to people’s emotions means that you are highly empathic, and taking the time to be aware of when you are feeling your own emotions, and when you are feeling other people’s emotions is a good first start. Being able to differentiate between your own emotions and other people’s means you can be able to function in the world, and although you may be picking up other people’s emotions, you have the awareness then to be able to know when it is someone else, and when it is you.

Also, you may have a sensitivity to energy, and are able to have a heightened awareness around the differing types of energy within forms. So, this means that any and all vibrations are more accented in the way you feel and interact with them. Managing this aspect of sensitivity means that you can be way more intuitive in how you perceive the world, and you may want to take into account that you can be aware of places that either feel good, or don’t. Of objects that you can interact with, so being aware of the energy of something before you pick it up. Or if you pick up something with an energy you don’t like, and you have interacted with it, and made that energy a part of your vibration, you can cleanse yourself with water, or crystals such as quartz. You can also match with good feeling vibrations, such as choosing the clothes you are wearing for the day, or food that you are about to consume, or how you interact with someone in terms of what you are saying or what you are doing.

Having heightened sensitivity simply means you are more aware of the world.

Many people with mental illness have a greater sensitivity to the spectrum of life, also. This means they will be able to pick up on things that are happening in the otherworldly. Similar to those who have psychic awareness, people who have a mental illness can also have a heightened psychic ability. This means that they will be aware of spirits, voices, and events that happen in the astral and spirit realms. These people may not have the ability to appropriately handle these types of psychic phenomena, and will usually act out in ways that have them considered mentally ill. Whereas gifted psychics who are mentally healthy have the ability and grace to be able to live with this heightened sensitivity.

If you have heightened sensitivity in any area, then it is the most appropriate thing to do to look at that and see how you can manage it so you can function in the world. Look to see where you have a heightened sensitivity, and seek to find ways that can help either lessen the sensitivity, or ways that you can be healthy while living with a heightened sensitivity and awareness of life.

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