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How Do You Treat Yourself?

How do you treat yourself?

Are you hard on yourself for no really good reason?

Maybe it's time you eased up on yourself. There’s probably a really great person in there, behind seeing yourself in a negative light, and beyond any reason to be hard on yourself, there’s the real you; the gift you can give to another through yourself.

Are there any times during the day, or when you do something during your day that you are a bit too hard on yourself?

And, why?

You do not have to be hard on yourself ever.

You can be easy on yourself, you can treat yourself with dignity, and appreciation, and you can lift yourself up. You can see yourself in a positive light.

Maybe you need to forgive yourself for being hard on you. Make amends.

Take notice when you are being hard on yourself, and lighten up, be good to you. Find out the reason you are being hard on yourself, and make amends there. And then start to treat yourself with kindness, and compassion. This life does not require you to be hard on yourself for no good reason.

Once you start going easy on yourself, you may find that your life becomes easier. You may find the joy of creating, the joy of being you!

Keep this in mind as you go about your day, and next time you notice yourself being hard on you, ease up, and consciously relate to yourself in a positive light,

Treat yourself kindly, and you will find you are moving forward into becoming a greater person than you were before.

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