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There are many different types of meditation. I’m going to be talking about traditional meditation, because it can really bring something to you that will help you function.

There are many said benefits of meditation, though the greatest is being awake. Being aware of yourself and why you are doing what you do each day, why you are living your life each day.

So we’re going to talk about Observing.

As you go about your days and nights, bring in an element of observing yourself. Both when you are in action, and when you are resting. There are many activities you can do that, with the aspect of observing added in, will help you to become more awake and aware of yourself.

There are many things we do each day. So give yourself that understanding that you can imbue these activities with awareness.

There can be a breathing meditation. A walking meditation. A doing meditation. A work meditation. A relaxing meditation. There are many activities that we do that we can simply be in that act of observing ourselves while we are doing these activities.

Observe yourself.

Many great teachers, such as Eckharte Tolle, Ken Wilbur, Pema Chodron, Siddharta Gautima Buddha, and countless more attest to the beneficial properties of meditation.

And all of these teachers have achieved that awakened state.

Meditation can give you that element of “waking up.” And it is in the practice of meditation that we can become more aware of who we are as people.

As it says in the ‘Conversations With God’ material, written by Neale Donald Walsch, another great teacher, “Life is a meditation upon Life itself.”

If we can sit with that, and simply observe ourselves and our surroundings, we can begin this practice of meditation. And to remember to bring in that element of observing when we are in the process of doing something. Maybe as we begin our daily walk, we can start observing ourselves and our surroundings. Or maybe we are washing the dishes. Or we are talking with a friend. Whatever action you are doing, simply imbue it with the element of observing!

There are so many health benefits to this practice too, such as lowering your stress levels, being in a state of calm, being more attentive, being more aware of what you are doing, and why, and much more.

Simply observe, and you will have begun a simple yet profound practice that can change your life!

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