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Motivation To Exercise

Exercise is something we should all do. I know, you’ve probably heard it so often that you just tune out when someone says that. There are so many positive benefits of exercise, and this is why so many people say that, even though you may have heard it so many times before.

I think all the information about the benefits of exercise are great for what they are, but do they get you motivated to actually do it?


Maybe not?

I think the best way to be motivated to exercise is to see how you feel after you do it. You will usually feel good after you exercise, even many hours after, and this can be a good indication that you are helping to strengthen the body.

Being able to link how you feel after you exercise can be the greatest motivator to continue exercising. I said this before in another blog post about Caring, but I think if you actually do care about your body and your health it is also a great motivator to exercise, or to at least build up the momentum of daily exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, either. It should actually be fun, something you look forward to. Going for a 20 minute walk each day can be something that you look forward to, something that can bring you sustenance, and after you are done walking you can feel good for the next few hours.

The greatest motivator for anything is the ‘why?’

Why do you want to do it?

If it is to improve your mental and physical health, and get into shape and to feel good on a daily basis, then these are great reasons to begin or continue your daily exercise.

What is your specific ‘why?’

Do you care about yourself and your future? Do you care about your mental and physical health?

What is it that actually gets you excited to exercise each day?

It may change from day to day, but usually the ‘why’ will stay consistent as a motivator to exercise.

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