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Music Therapy

We can use music to help us through life. Music can help us to feel our emotions, it can help us connect with ourselves on a deeper level, and it can help us to celebrate life.

If we are feeling through our emotions, sometimes it is a good idea to choose music that will help us to really get into the feeling, and to provide us with some kind of therapeutic backdrop to the emotions we are feeling through. Different kinds of music can accompany different kinds of emotions; we have music that is good for feeling grief, or music that can help us to feel anger, or even music that helps us to feel fear. Choosing the right music for the moment will be up to you, and you can go with any genre, but make sure it fits the emotions you are feeling and want to feel through in that moment.

We can also use music to help us with expression and creativity. Playing music and being in the creative space can also bring a therapeutic quality. And there are different instruments that we can use to express different parts of ourselves. We can use a guitar, or a drum, or a piano, or anything we like to help us express ourselves.

Using music as therapy can be a great pathway into your emotional world. You can be delicate and soft, or deep and primal, or fun and joyful. There are many ways to express yourself with music.

The practise here is to find the type of music you want to play or listen to and to have that prepared so you can play or listen to that type of music when you are wanting to do your emotional meditation.

We can also use music to soothe us. If we are doing the deep inner work and we feel we need something to help us through, then choosing some soft, quiet music that we can listen to over and over again, will help us to be able to process and integrate the deep inner work we are doing.

Know what music you want for any situation you may be in, and have that music ready for you to listen to, or to play, and you will have a space ready for you to support you in your healing journey.

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