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Perspective can be a good thing to play around with. Changing your perspective can be a fundamental life-changing process and can be very important, even necessary at times in life.

This can be a practice that you can use daily, or less often if you feel your perspective is where you want it to be.

Perspective offers us a way to view the world. It is through our perspective that we see life. And in seeing life in a certain way, we inevitably create it that way. This may only have an effect on your inner self, or what is going on within you, though this then begins to affect your outer world. So you can see how being able to change your perspective can bring reward to you, if you feel it is something that is not reflecting who you are wanting to be.

The first step in this practice is to notice what your perspective is. This may be a general outlook, or it may be a specific viewpoint you have around a specific part of your life.

Whether it is general or specific, you can alter your perspective to what you want it to be by becoming aware of it. Being aware of what your perspective is, and embracing it, and being aware that you can shift it, or change it, is the practice here.

First, become aware of a perspective you have. Is it what you truly want to see in that part of your life?

Could it be better? Could it offer more expansion and goodness? Could it be adjusted to have you create what you truly want in life?

Once you are aware of the perspective, be ready to accept it, bless it, and embrace it. You cannot heal what you cannot hold, and in doing so you are able to remove your resistance to whatever perspective you had. In doing this, you are able to see that the perspective is something that you have created, and something that you can shift and alter to suit yourself and your desires.

The next step is to shift, alter, or change your perspective. You can see your perspective now, and that you are the one who has created this in your mind, and now, you are the one who is going to choose the greater perspective that you want to have. This means that you will have to choose a perspective that you actually want in that situation, or that you want in your general outlook in life. In doing this, find the perspective that fills you with joy, that lights you up, that brings you to feeling good about having that perspective in your life.

These three steps can help you to adjust and shift your perspectives. And this can be an ongoing process for you. The greatest step here is really becoming aware of your perspectives, because once you do that, you then release their illusory hold over you, and you then are able to change them for something greater.

Sometimes we can be in a state of mind that we have created over time which is fixated or stuck in a certain way of thinking. Being able to see your perspectives, and to change them, means that you are breaking free of those old mindsets and replacing them for new ones. Simply becoming aware of your perspectives will shift them instantly, the moment you become aware of them.

The rest of the process is really just discovering what works for you in replacing the old mindset for the new mindset, and staying true to that over a longer period of time.

You may have to reinforce a new perspective, or it may be that once you have become aware of your old perspective that you want to change, that you are able to let it go in that instant.

Go through your perspectives one by one and see which is working for you and which you can change. Do this for a week and see what happens to your life. This can be something that can completely change you, and all those whose lives you touch.

Perspectives lead to beliefs, which lead to behaviours. These then lead to actions and outcomes. Which lead to consequences; the natural outcome of any choice or decision. This is how you create your life. From thought, to word, to deed.

If you can change your thinking you can change your life, because once you start thinking differently, you will then start speaking in new ways, which will then impact your actions.

It is all a process, and if you remain curious and in a state of wanting to discover more about your self, then being able to be aware of your perspectives will bring a shift in who you are on a fundamental level.

Try this process. Or even try simply being aware of a perspective you have and seeing if any change comes about you from using your awareness. See how it feels and how it works for you.

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