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Reaching Out

Sometimes we can be in a state of suffering, and this is an invitation to put into practice reaching out to those other people in your life.

We do not have to ‘go it alone!’

It’s really something that can be of great use, and even if you feel vulnerable in reaching out to those others in your life, it is far greater to be able to seek help from the people in your community.

Whether it is family, a friend, or a professional, reaching out when you need help can make all the difference.

If you feel you are in a crisis situation, then remembering to reach out to someone that you trust can be vitally important in moving forward, and moving past the hurdle you may be facing.

There can be many instances when you need to reach out for help. When you reach out, you may find that people do care about you, that you are cherished and loved, and that you are worthy and valuable as a human being.

Even if it is something that may seem minor, it is surely better to reach out for help rather than trying to face your adversity by yourself.

One of the things I found that has helped me, is to create a space where reaching out for help is out in the open with the people in my life. So if it is something that I am going through, I already have established a space in my relationships with my friends and family where I can simply say, ‘I need help, can we talk?’

It may be a point to go to your friends and family and speak up about establishing a space for when you need to talk things through, and to let them know that from time to time you may need to talk about what is going on for you. And it can be as simple as saying, ‘I’d like to put into place a time, that if I need it, I can reach out to you for help, and that we can talk through what I am going through.’

Being prepared for a situation where you may need someone’s help by talking can be vital to your progression through your healing.

Be good to yourself, and create that space where you know you are supported if something comes up that you need to work through, remembering to have that ‘safety net’ can really help you when you need it.

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