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Rest and Integration

When we are on the healing journey, and are moving energy around by feeling through our emotions, doing the deep inner work, changing our diet and coming off addictions, and doing any kind of therapy, we will need rest. This is so because our energy levels will be quite low if we are doing all this work.

Looking at resting when we are doing the deep inner work will help us to be able to process and integrate all that we are releasing, or what we may be taking on, such as a new food, or a new situation that may come about in our lives because we are on the journey to healing.

As we go deeper into ourselves, we will naturally need to process what we have released on an energetic level. Resting gives us time to recuperate, re-energise, rejuvenate, and relax. When we are releasing all of our emotions, or doing any kind of therapy, we will need to take the time to be in a space where we are simply sitting or laying down and being still.

If we look at this process on an energetic level, we can go to our understanding of ‘chi’. Chi is the energy of life, it is what is flowing and coursing through you all the time. This is purely an Eastern philosophy, but has been embraced by the West since the new age movement has been becoming more global.

Chi, or ki, qi, or prana (as it is called in Indian philosophy) is the energy of life, and is always moving through you. Free flow of this energy leads to health in body, mind and spirit, and stagnation or blocks in this flow lead to disease.

When we are moving our body, our chi will be exerting itself, or moving itself out of our body and being. Movement creates a flow of chi that moves out of the body, while resting builds up the chi reserve in our body and being. Sitting still, or laying down, will have the chi store itself up in our bodies.

This is important for rest, and when we are resting or sleeping, the chi reserve builds itself up in our being, and thus we have more energy. This is one of the reasons we need sleep each night. And then when we are busy doing things during the day, we exhaust the chi reserves in our body, thus needing rest at night.

When we are doing the deep inner work, we are releasing chi. Just as we can release emotions, we will, at the same time, be releasing a lot of chi energy from our being. This causes us to need that time for rest, so we can process and integrate the release. We can even see that when we are grieving, we will be releasing tears; all emotional expression is release of emotion. When we are releasing any kind of emotion, or any type of energetic release, we will also be releasing chi energy.

Giving ourselves time for rest and integration is vitally important to the healing process. It is as if releasing emotions, or beliefs, or doing any kind of deep inner work is like having a full day of activity. You will need rest at the end of it.

So making time for rest and integration of your energy system is vitally important in the healing process, and something you should make time for when you are on the healing journey.

This process can involve laying in bed, or on the couch, and can also include putting on soothing, gentle music, that helps you to relax and process the release you have had earlier that day. It can mean sitting or putting your feet on the earth and connecting with nature, or watching the sun set in the sky. Usually you’ll want to be in a quiet place, where you feel you are safe and that you can relax and chill out.

Processing your emotions will come with the appropriate rest and relaxation, so make sure you are prepared to be in that space.

Being aware of cultivating and energising your chi reserve is highly important so you can function, and if you are doing the deep inner work, you will be tired, you will be exhausted and will need lots of rest, so making it a part of your daily habits is key to supporting your energy levels as you heal.

Be mindful of your energy levels as you are doing that deep inner work, and give yourself the privilege of allowing time to really rest and be in that space of peace and calm so you can move through that healing on an emotional, mental, physical and energetic level with as much wholesomeness and positive reassurance that you can give yourself.

Healing can be very challenging, so making time for yourself to rest and integrate is a very important part of the healing journey.

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